The Jewelry Lady Blog!

Hi Ladies!  Have you ever wondered how to put the right accessories with an outfit to look pulled together?  Do you want to get more use out of the pieces you have?  Life happens.  Clothing doesn’t last forever.  A stain on this, a pull on that and before you know it, you’re working with a shell of your former wardrobe.  Time to go shopping!  But what if you don’t like to shop or your finances won’t allow it?  It’s time to re-purpose those pieces and make a flattering, seamless transition to a new ensemble!  How will you make it work, you ask?  Easy…JEWELRY!!!

So have you remembered that look that completely worked for you, but couldn’t figure out why?  Was it the color?  The style?  Just a freak coincidence?  No!  It’s a combination of facts about your face shape, body shape & personal preferences.  Once you figure out what works for you, it’ll be super-easy to shop for awesome pieces for your wardrobe that’ll flatter and fit you.

So what makes the perfect outfit for you?  Consider a few things:

What pieces flatter you most? (Chokers, pendants, chunky statement pieces, extra long necklaces?)

What colors work best with your complexion & personality? (Jewel tones?  Earth tones?  Pastels?)

What pieces do you get genuine compliments on?

What’s your style?  (Conservative?  High Fashion?  Trendy?)

To take some of the mystery out of this process, here are some tips on how to choose jewelry, clothing & other accessories based on your face shape

After you find out your face shape, click it to get tips just for you!!

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