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You’re back!  So here’s more of what you love!  If you missed Part I, be sure to go check it out here.  Now, on with the show!  Part II of this bridal photo shoot series is a little different.  Our lovely bride, Tanae blessed us with an opportunity to provide her jewelry for not only her wedding, but her reception!  Thanks again, Tanae!  Or should I say, Mrs. Walker!!!

From the moment she graced us with her presence…

Until the moment she made her triumphant entrance,

And they sealed their eternal love with a kiss

The Lord’s favor was all aglow upon them
Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Walker!!!   These two know how to party!

They wore us OUT!Many happy wishes, prayers and blessings to you guys from us always!

A special thanks to S. Summerell Photography for the gorgeous images of their glorious day!

Be sure to check out Part III of our Bridal Photo Shoot series coming soon!


Photo credit:  S. Summerrell Photography