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Hey y’all!  I decided to use today to do another photo shoot.  It’s been forever since the last one, and since I got such good feedback from the last one I said, what the heck!  Let’s do another one!!

So once I started, I got inspired.  It’s funny what you find when you’re not looking for it!

For example, I finally found a perfect use for this burnished necklace!  I’ve had it forever, tried to pair it with a million things over the summer, but it just wasn’t quite right.  Now I see why.  This beauty was built for Fall!


It pairs perfectly with this cropped faux fur vest!


Sometimes you need to get out of the box and go for the bow.

A bow is the ultimate statement of boldness & glamor!

It’s also the perfect complement to this fur vest!20161010_060120

Speaking of animal accessories, how about these feather dangle earrings?20161010_060728


So…I was about to get rid of this adorable jacket when I put some accessories on it.

What can I say?  Sometimes you just need (to keep) a red jacket.


I’m missing the highs in the mid 80’s.  The cool Fall nights have already taken hold here in NC.  If you’re still romancing your summer shades, don’t feel bad!  With cool weather on the way, just grab a light scarf and continue to show your neckline with a little slipknot.20161010_054351

Or throw it loosely over both shoulders for a carefree but chic look.


Drape over one shoulder to showcase a pretty pattern.


Add a geometric necklace with the geometric print to add flair and fun.20161010_054624

Want to cover your neck but still show off your neck candy?  Toss both ends of your scarf behind your back.  Let it dangle or add a small knot to the ends to secure them in place.  Instant glam!20161010_054646

A side slip knot is a great way to add coverage and class.20161010_05471220161010_055635

Well, I hope you had fun with me on this fall fashion shoot.  I may do another one soon.  Maybe with pashminas?

If you’d like to see some more fall outfit ideas, just let me know!