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Hey y’all!  Want a quick wardrobe tip?  Always keep a simple white top handy.  Why?  It’s the #2 item that will solve all of your outfit issues!  We all know the LBD is the front runner, but look what one little white top can do…

It’ll take a statement necklace and make it pop!

It can make a large piece seem smaller

This piece is very bold, but the white “calms” the clear crystals and highlights the navy ones).  Can’t you just see this going from day to night?  A blazer & pumps for work, then a hype pair of heels for night!


And don’t get me started on a corded necklace. 

It’ll be leather season before you know it and this would look great under a leather jacket or with a skirt or pants & heels?  I’ve paired this necklace with my next favorite staple, double pearl earrings.  Check out my post to see more about how to incorporate those into your daily look.  In love with them already?  Get yours here.


One simple garment to rule your closet!  The versatility is endless! 

I hope you enjoyed this quick wardrobe tip!  I’ll be back with more soon!