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Hi everyone!  I’m back from vacation in Virginia and ready to share some of the little snippets of our getaway adventure!  I must say, we did a lot.  But it was awesome!!20150724_171059-1

One thing I love about Virginia is the views.  You can’t beat the sky!  It’s a gorgeous blue and the air is 1000 times better than here in Greensboro.  And I live in what’s considered the country!  I suppose it’s due to all of the trees here (which ironically enough aren’t the reason for the name of the city of Greensboro).  When you lay down for the night you’re out like a light.  They say it’s due to the clean air.  I wish I could bring back a ton of that air to help me sleep like that every night!  Check out some of the beautiful views:20150725_112356-120150725_112804


We stayed in a magnificent cabin with 3 bedrooms and a loft.  There was a river that ran around 3 sides of it.  Wildlife was everywhere.  My parents and oldest son tell me they were run back indoors by a racoon one night while roasting marshmallows!  Yeah, I took their word for it.  You won’t hear about me being eaten by a rabid raccoon!  Anyway, back to the photos.  This is the view from the bridge.20150725_113559

Here’s the cabin!  It had a humongous wrap around porch, a back eating area with grills, seating and a fire pit and even came with a snuggling area nearby!20150725_113607


Anyway, that was our little vacay.  I hope you enjoyed the pics.  I hope to be sharing more of our crazy exploits soon.  I may be a little late on posting the newest selections.  You know how vacations are.  You need another one just to get back into the swing of things!

Until next time…smoochies!