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A lot!

I had a blowout sale this past Saturday and let me tell you, you ladies know how to shop!  We had a ton of fun eating, socializing and sharing great tips.  Did you know for instance, that you can clean your fashion jewelry with gel toothpaste? Yeah!  It really works!  You may have read that in one of my former blog posts.  You can check it out here.  I haven’t taken the old blog down yet.  And last but not least, the newbies for this week!  These sweet treats were added to the site and are available while supplies last!  They come in a variety of colors and are great for day to night wear.  So click on each pic to be taken to the info and ordering page.

And my upcoming debut, this FABULOUS tricolor braided stretch bracelet featuring gold, silver & rose gold.  Talk about a triple threat!  Wear it with almost anything in your closet!  You know I love to feature versatile pieces because each one saves you time and money!