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Hi everyone!

Lately I’ve been getting lots of jewelry questions like:

How do I clean my jewelry?
How do I store my jewelry?
When should I clean my jewelry?
What should I avoid when wearing my jewelry?

IMG_20140805_120822476Well, I’m glad you asked!  I know these are not all of the questions you could have, but I want to keep this post short and sweet.  So off we go!



How do I clean my jewelry?
That’s a 3 part question because it depends on the material.  Let’s look at all 3:

Gold jewelry-be sure to use a cleaner that is specifically for gold.  Check to see if it is safe for stones!  I accidentally picked up one once for my personal use that was JUST for gold and not for any type of stones.  So I have to be careful to remember which cleaner is for what!  You can also use this natural method I found on YouTube.

Sterling Silver jewelry-same advice.  Be sure it specifically says sterling silver and check if it is ok for stones.  There are natural cleaning options (salt, white vinegar & hot water in an aluminum pan lined with aluminum foil works very, very well).  Here’s a YouTube video I used once before.

Fashion jewelry-Yes!  You can clean fashion gold and silver jewelry!  You just need to be careful.  If you’re cleaning a chain, check out this video.  If you’re cleaning the crystals or rhinestones, be sure to be EXTRA careful.  Some crystals and rhinestones are in settings, so they should be ok.  Just check the prongs of the settings after you’ve cleaned them.  If they’re not set in, be EXTRA EXTRA CAREFUL so you don’t break down the adhesive.  The last thing you want is clean, missing stones!

How do I store my jewelry?
I’m glad you asked!  I see people everywhere suggesting that you hang your jewelry.  However, I’m very much against it.  This puts unnecessary stress on the rings and strands of your piece.  The rings (unless they’re the type that are soldered together) are split and came come apart if pulled.  So we should avoid hanging.  This is not the case for very light pieces (a light chain and a small pendant, for instance).  Instead, you should try storing them in drawers.  Laying them out will keep them from getting tangled and allow you to view them easily like this:

clasp-bracelets-in-a-jewelry-box-drawer(Source: nubry. com)

This is demonstrated here with bracelets, but you can do the same with necklaces!  Imagine how much faster you’ll find and pick out your desired design!

When should I clean my jewelry?
Weekly would be great, but not everyone has the time.  Monthly is very good.  Some wait until they you realize it’s dirty, but it’s usually due for cleaning long before that.  Be sure to give yourself enough time ( an hour should be good unless you have a ton of jewelry) so that you don’t have to stop and start.  Getting on a cleaning schedule is a good idea.

What should I avoid when wearing my jewelry?
Try not to pass out:  cleaners, oils, perfumes or anything else that contains chemicals, essential oils or abrasives.  Avoid wearing your jewelry when you work out (sweat+jewelry=damage), garden (dirt=bad), swim (chlorine) or sleep.  I’ve woken up to the worst scratches on my neck from my lobster clasp scraping my neck as I tossed and turned all night!  Take it from me, just don’t do it!!  Not to mention you want to avoid breaking your necklace, tangling it or it causing choking (morbid but true).


I hope these tips were helpful.  If you have some to lend, please share!  And if you need more pieces to store, enjoy my online store at http://www.thejewelryladystore.com!


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