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Ok, I am FLOORED!  My suits (yes I have been know to sell suits to choirs on occasion-former life that I’ll explain one day) and jewelry are being worn by the Love & Faith Christian Fellowship Choir!!! (http://www.loveandfaith.org/)  I’m just outdone, y’all!  This was more than a year ago and to be honest, I’d completely forgotten about it.  The crazier thing is how I saw this video.  The hubby & I were watching tv (he was flipping channels as usual) & he stopped on TCT.  I was wondering why we were watching it when it was like the Holy Spirit tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Look.  Look at what they’re wearing.”  I looked & looked and it finally dawned on me that those were MY suits and MY necklace sets that they were wearing!!!!  I know I’m gushing a bit, but please celebrate with me.  I’ve never had exposure this large and I didn’t ask for it or expect it.  But obviously The Father did!  So I want to encourage you to keep on doing good things, because in due season you WILL reap if you faint not!

Please enjoy this marvelous choir and the message they bring.  It’s TRUE!

Until next time,


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