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Hi my gems,

I decided I would finally reveal “My Baby” to the world!  No, not my child (I have 3 of those & they’re already taking the world by force!)  I’m talking about my jewelry baby.  This is a DIY creation I made a year or two ago and I would honestly cry if something happened to it.  Yes, it’s that serious.  When you see it, you’ll see what I mean.

I was doing a post about jewelry organizers & thought I’d research on how to do one.  I saw a lot of great ideas, some more involved & creative than others, and finally decided on one that worked perfectly for me.  I ended up making about 5 of them.  Two are now in the store & the other 3 in my closet on my dresser.  Here’s the kicker, the most it cost was $10!!  Yes, TEN BUCKS! And they can hold 100+ pieces of jewelry each (depending on how you place each piece).  So, on to the great reveal…

This is my baby…

100_4140100_4147100_4149She has 3 layers of crystal platters & 2 candlesticks.  After I’d researched how to do this DIY creation, I went on the hunt.  That’s when I found the materials at our local thrift store.  I paid about $10 for the 3 platters & got the candlesticks from Dollar Tree.  I used E-6000 glue to bond it together.  The trickiest part is the assembly. It’s not hard, but it’s hard to put into words.  Long story short, you just later them & you can either measure (HIGHLY, HIGHLY SUGGESTED!) or eyeball there the center of each level is.  If you want it to look great, measure.  Ask me how I know (LOL)

1. Find the midpoint of each platter from end to end & put a dot there. (do this for all platters)

2. Then find the midpoint from side to side. Be sure the 2 dots intersect.  (do this for all platters)

3. Read the glue instructions thoroughly!

4. Find the midpoint of the bottom of each candlestick & mark with a dot.

5. Turn the candlestick upside down onto your bottom platter & visually align both dots. (this is your dry fit)

6. Apply glue & affix the candlestick to the bottom platter.  Allow to dry overnight for the best results.

7. Align the dot from the bottom of the candlestick & the second platter. (this is your dry fit)

8. Apply glue & affix the candlestick & second platter.  Allow to dry overnight for the best results.

9. Put a dot in the middle of the inside of the candlestick (where you’d put a candle).

10. Align the second candlestick dot & the dot on the 3rd platter. (this is your dry fit)

11. Apply glue & affix the candlestick & third platter.  Allow to dry overnight for the best results.

You’ll get one of these!  Then you can put your lovely jewelries onto it & never again be stressed when trying to find a bracelet, earrings or rings!!

100_4130  100_4136100_4135100_4133   As shown it’s holding only about 31 pieces.  However, I’m not using the sides or back too much (where you see earrings and bracelets hanging on the outside) on each of the 3 levels.  I tried it out and it can fit about 100+ pieces.  I have bracelets, earrings & even toe rings in my organizer.  You can also add a lazy susan bearing to enable it to spin!

Here’s another I did

2014-01-30_11-45-51_244100_4145100_4148and a mini one I made for the bathroom 2013-08-22_12-46-48_599

I’m thinking about having a session at my store where I go through the process step by step & at the end, you’d leave with a creation of your own.  What do you think?

Until next time my jewelry giants!  Visit http://www.thejewelryladystore.com to see the latest styles…

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