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I know, it’s over 2 weeks away, but you know what’s gonna happen!  The RUSH.  The hustle & bustle of trying to get the perfect things in a span of 3 days & trying to look like you’ve planned for months.  lol  Well, husbands, boyfriends & dads, here’s your helpful hints from The Jewelry Lady!

Think of these things when deciding on the perfect Valentine’s Day gift:

What’s her favorite thing?

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Is she more traditional?


What’s her favorite color?

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What’s her favorite animal?


Does she like the bold?


The fabulous?


The funky?


The classic?

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What’s she been asking for, hinting at, pining over, whining about?  Then there’s your answer!

If you still need help, I’d be glad to assist you.  Just send me an email or comment below with her likes/dislikes.  If you’re not sure, I can give you ways to find out!  Until next time,