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Hi everybody!  Today’s post is not about jewelry.  It’s about sharing the love…the LINK LOVE!  I read a lot of blogs, like a lot of pics & see a LOT of fashion.  I want to share where I get my inspiration & thusly, share the joy!  lol  Since the holiday season is upon us, I want to start off with thanks giving.  First, my girls who style my pieces…(drumroll please)

Let me introduce you to Ani, author of Fleurani.  She’s a super diva (the good kind, not the evil kind) & she is not afraid to rock her personal runway!  Her fashion sense is extrordinary & she never ceases to amaze.  Be sure to check her out!

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If you’d like to order this piece, comment below or use the contact form above.  This cobalt blue & midnight crystal set in gold tone is accented with clear rhinestones, a braided leatherette band & intertwined link chain.  $45

Up next,Bethany of Perfectly Coutured!  Bethany is the absolute sweetest & comes up with the best ways of wearing anything from casual to chic!  Below, she dons the red crystal teardrop necklace with a plaid top & completes the look with a vest, skinny jeans & knee-high boots.  With a coordinating purse, you can’t go wrong!perf coutperfcoutbethany perf cout

Our next inspirationist is Meghan of Everyday Fashion & Finance!  Meghan is on a mission to keep fashion affordable?!  Why break the bank if you don’t have to?  She’s styling the same necklace as Bethany (did I mention they are blog besties?) in emerald green with her matching blazer, striped blouse, black slim fitting pants & ankle boots.  That leopard bag just gives that pop of flair to keep you guessing!  Love it, Meghan!meghan meghan2 meghan3

If you’re looking for the red crystal necklace, there is one in all red left & one in red & clear (the red & clear has a link neck & the red has a rope neck).  They are $25 & again, I only have one of each left in stock!  The good news is, there are 3 available in blue.  So if you’d like one, let me know asap!

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Up next is Jessie of Fashion Life of Marlowe!  This chica is ahead of her time!  She takes prints & patterns & has the most fun!  She is a great go to girl if you need work or play wardrobe inspiration.  Best of all, her looks are versatile so you can see your own wardrobe making the same statement.  Go check her out! 8a4f37e9-a2a2-4938-95cd-b28b15d59b63_zpsd9d20306 18a5d902-c52a-45e6-a492-e2dc30ab5007_zpse620ab98   52314796-27ae-4edc-a7d2-845e8373eefc_zps92864c4b bbc0b95e-0189-485a-89d3-55951a3b843b_zps33285cb5 d571a2b6-ab1c-4229-9c73-50d6b567c0ae_zps9596733d e834d1b2-3cfa-4e97-ba1a-14ef9e5cec10_zps82dd7a74 f78bbacf-d6d5-4441-8d46-5e8837ed300a_zps9ea4cda9426540 22

If this look has inspired you, you can own this lovely piece for only $22.  It is available in this beautiful shade as well as cobalt blue.  Just comment below or use the comment form above to place your order!jessie 3 jessie 4 jessie 5 jessie 6 jessie 7 jessie leopard 2 jessie necklace jessieleopardJessie does it again with this wild (rawr!!) combo of leopard & ruby.  I never would have thought to pair these, but she really makes it shine!  So pull out your leopard & let her run wild!  This piece is available for $22 from now until November 17th, so act fast!  It’ll return to $25 on November 18th.

421884 22And last but not list, the Grand Mistress of Fashion, Erin of Simply Just Lovely!!  I love to read Erin’s blog because her looks just blow my mind!  Her look is edgy, crisp & chic.  She makes you want to rock out at work & at play!  With her incredible stylings, you can’t help but be inspired.  So head over to Simply Just Lovely for your fashion fix!  Don’t forget to tell her The Jewelry Lady sent you!

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So I hope you enjoyed hanging out with me & this fine set of fashionistas today!  Be sure to visit their blogs & give a shout out from The Jewelry Lady!

Until next time, stay fabulous & look like no one else!



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