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Today I HAVE to share this DIY I came across.  I woke up at like 4am & ended up coming across this blog.  I have never read it before, so I assume my 4am wakeup call was a preordination for me to find this post (I don’t think that’s a word, but hey it works).  I know some of you have gorgeous scarves & a sweatshirt or two (million) sitting around.  If you have basic sewing skills (or a friend or relative who is), you’ve gotta try this!

This phenom took this:

Scarf Print Sweatshirt How To

And made THIS!!!!

Scarf Print Sweatshirt DIY 3Scarf Print Sweatshirt DIY

So obviously, none of these pics are mine.  I just had to share them because she absolutely inspired me!  Now I gotta go get some scarves & coordinating sweatshirts.  And who can’t use an excuse to buy more of either?!  lol  Anyway, I hope this DIY has inspired you to make one, have someone make you one, or go on the hunt for one like it.  Oh yeah, I’ve linked the pics to her post & if you have problems getting it to work, here’s her link: