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First let me say, I am so sorry!  I left this post in my drafts & forgot to schedule it.  My bad.  Forgive me?  Great!  Well, on to the business at hand:  if you’re not looking for large necklaces, this is NOT your post!  lol  These are statement necklaces.  That means they’re either large, have crystals, are in gold tone or all of the above!  Above all, they’re meant to make a statement!  In this edition, I’ve made an effort to include gold & silver tone statement pieces.  So enjoy! 😉

This first collection is a bib necklace full of teardrop charms with smooth beads & a link chain.  It has a 3″ drop (length from highest row of charms to lowest row) & the earrings are 2 3/4″ L.  This set is large & in charge, so you may want to wear the necklace alone one day & on another day wear just the earrings with the same outfit or an outfit with the same color palette.  They’re wildly popular and are only $25!

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These are for the bold & beautiful!  They come with the elegance of silver with bursts of color & personality.  Each is adorned with clusters of gorgeous charms, beads & crystals.  A great piece for formal or casual wear!  Only $45 for either set.

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This next set is similar, but smaller.  The teardrop charms are only about an inch long & the bib is only 2 1/2″ L from top to bottom.  It’s so cute & versatile & a steal at only $25!


Charcoal & gold is immensely popular this season & it’ll be a staple in the winter.  These pieces have such a bold elegance & it’s easy to see why they’re so hot!

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Up next is this beautiful tortoise bib necklace & earring set.  The colors are perfect for fall!  It also comes in the popular turquoise shade.  Each set is only $35.  These are two hot items, so be sure to order quickly if you want it!  Last I checked there were 4 of the turquoise & 6 of the tortoise.

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Last but definitely not least, feast your eyes on these!!  These are some of my favorite new sets.  Their colors are so vibrant & they’re great for those who want the statement piece look, but don’t want to cross over to gold tone.  These rich colors are perfect for fall & because there are different shades throughout the piece, you can also wear them in the summer with your favorite maxi dress!  At $25, they can’t be beat!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s selection!  If you’d like to order or have questions about a piece, comment below or use the contact link above.  Thanks for stopping by!  XO,