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Hi everyone!

I went on a YouTube binge this past week & found some amazing ideas for jewelry storage.  It started out innocently enough, but once I got going, I couldn’t stop!  So today I’ll share with you my ideas & my new creations.  Here’s the hardest part:  I am trying to figure out how to give credit, but there were about 15 different videos that I reviewed & my final creation wasn’t exactly from any of them.  What I will say though is to do a YouTube search for DIY jewelry stand, DIY jewelry storage, DIY necklace or bracelet holder, etc. to get some cool ideas.  Then run wild with it!

Now, first, let me apologize for not having the before pics.  I got so anxious (I had to make 4 of these before my daughter woke up for her nap) that I jumped right in & started to work!  They literally take minutes to make & are a big payoff for a small effort.  Here’s what it takes to make one:

2 or 3 plates in any size, color or style you wish (2 plates for a 2 tier & 3 plates for a 3 tier)

1 or 2 candle sticks (glass preferably)


high temp hot glue gun

glue sticks for high temps


permanent marker

Ok, let’s get to the good stuff.  I made 3 different jewelry stands.  The first one was made with 3 rectangular glass dishes.  This one was a little more expensive & came in at a whopping $10 to make.  I went to a local thrift store & they were sitting side by side like they’d been put there just for me!  Tee hee!!  Here’s my first try at DIY greatness!


So what do you think?  For my first run, I think it was pretty darn good!  I wish I would have paid more attention to where my markers were, because it is a little crooked.  I got so excited (& you’ve gotta work fast with hot glue) that I missed the mark-literally.  The good thing is, it has a TON of storage capability!  I counted 12 bracelets, 19 pairs of earrings & 3 rings.  The cool thing is that the bottom level is still empty & I am still only using one side of it!  If you put it on a Lazy Susan (yeah, that’s what’s up next, kiddos), you could use ALL sides & just go CRAZY.  It could hold up to 100 pieces!!!  Ok, I need to calm down.  Whoooooo!  I went on a jewelry craze for a sec.  Excuse me.

Ok, so on to #2…


This one was made with a glass bowl & a candlestick, so it was only $2!!  I got the bowl & candlestick from Dollar Tree, so it was very inexpensive.  I’ll add another $1 glass plate from Dollar Tree to the bottom of it later so I can have even more display space.  I really like this one because it wasn’t crooked!  It is very pleasing to the eye & has a lot of space for my longer earrings.  I snuggled my earrings together & found it can hold about 20 pairs of earrings & probably 15 bracelets in the bowl.  I wear cuffs a lot, so you could get a ton of small bracelets in there.

Last but not least…


I made this one out of 2 plastic trays & a plastic champagne glass.  I was curious as to if it’d be sturdy enough considering it was plastic.  I am undecided about this one, because it’s not as robust as the other two, but it sure is a looker!  The bowl at the top is great for bracelets & the tray below is good for rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.  The sides of the bowl is a great place to hold earrings.  You can put pairs on the hills or in the scallops.  The tray is just high enough to hold my tiny dangle earrings.  If you put feet on it you could hold longer earrings.

So here are a few pics of the top of my dresser now.  You should have seen it before!  It was a cramped mess of necklaces, bracelets, earrings & rings.  Well, I hope you liked this edition, because the next one I’ll show you is the rest of my closet redesign.  I had to find an interim place for my necklaces, so I pulled out an old familiar item & revamped it.  I know I’ll have to do some more DIYs because I found a fabulous necklace holder made from candlesticks, dowels & hot glue.

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Do you DIY?  What are some of your favorite creations?  Please share your ideas & pics below.  And don’t forget to link up with us!

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