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Many young ladies ask me how to transform their college gear to workplace class.  They’re entering the workforce & want to be taken seriously & be poised to get a promotion.  Many times opportunities are missed because of the choice of attire.  It’s not too hard to make the transition if you stay away from being gaudy.  A lot of current fashions call for jewelry to be completely over the top in size, color & volume.  However, there’s an easy way to wear the current styles without going too far.  So I’m being clear, let’s look at the definition of gaudy.

Merriam-Webster defines gaudy as:

1.ostentatiously or tastelessly ornamented

2.marked by extravagance or sometimes tasteless showiness
Synonyms: flamboyant, flashy, garish, glitzy, loud, ostentatious, razzle-dazzle, splashy, swank (or swanky), excessive, extravagant, overdone, overbright, over-the-top, pretentious; baroque, ornate; bright, glaring, glittery, graceless, inelegant, lurid, tacky, tasteless, tawdry, tinselly, vulgar
Are you gaudy & in denial?  Here are some clues:
1.  Look for honest expressions.  Take this scenario, for instance.  Someone sees you for the first time today.  They look at your outfit, their mouth drops open & have a blank, deer-in-headlights expression.  They immediately compliment your outfit.  You may also see expressions like this:
 edzhzaehtasfrgdfh  scaredbaby
2.  Whispers or muffled giggles occur when you walk away.
 sdfasdff sgasrgrae
Ok, seriously, let’s fix this.  Look at the size, color & use of what you’re wearing.  If it’s as big as Flava Flav‘s clock, mount it on the wall.  Then consider time & place.  Are you at work or the club?  Is it a daytime wedding or a night opening of a restaurant?  Take your audience into consideration.  They are in fact, your “fashion hostages” while you’re in their presence.  Give them something good to look at!  Here are some things to stray from:
Multiple colors in your hair…good for the club, bad for the 8-5 workplace.
Too many patterns, prints or colors
Accessory overkill
Accessory overwhelm
Be careful of nose rings (preferably don’t don them at work)-even the tiny ones make you look like you need to clean your nose!
images  Right accessory wrong time (this is the opera, for an opening, gala or catwalk!)
Beautiful fabric, but it’s too much for work when worn head to toe.  Try wearing the blouse with a dark skirt or suit.  Save those pants for after 5.  (But her outfit is hot!!!)
This look
too muchnot for work
will get you this look at work.
So, how do we get balance?  Pair a large piece with a more subtle, muted piece of clothing.  For example, wear these together:
  br514225-00p01v01407482 25
A muted color blouse goes well with the boldness of the gold.
br530363-01p01v01  289720 29
This top isn’t very inspiring until it’s paired with a stunning pearl set.
394067 26   pinterest.com
The textures of the necklace set add vibrance to this outfit.
NE01004801 22
Even a simple pendant can add a pop to a basic frock.
NE254324 24fashionistatrends.com
Try dynamic geometric patterns or beaten metal to jazz up muted tones.
br508959-00p01v01 R000085401 18
You can even get away with bolder accessories if they are not overdone or paired with other large pieces.
creativefashionglee.com295447 25

thecurvyfashionista.maridenee.com399969 19

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Thanks for reading!

~The Jewelry Lady

For sources of the outfits featured in the pairings, click the photo.