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Right now, nautical themes, ocean life & cool tropical colors are in.  Coral, turquoise & peach are all the rage.  But consider this, are you constantly in need of jewelry because of changing trends?  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE getting, receiving & shopping for jewelry.  But to feel like I’m under the gun douses my fire.  So instead, I follow some great advice.  Choose pieces with personality: The most fashionable outfits are those that match your personal tastes. Rather than selecting the most popular fashion jewelry, choose fashionable jewelry with unique and interesting details. If you love animals, wear owl necklaces, frog earrings and kitten rings. If you like tribal styles, wear leather bracelets and gold stackable rings. Don’t hesitate to wear a unique combination of fashionable jewelry that portrays your individuality.  If you’d like to see more styles like the ones below, visit my Facebook page or email me at askthejewelrylady@gmail.com.

Happy Shopping!

~The Jewelry Lady

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