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There are a million ways to store jewelry.  You can hang it on knobs, put it in drawers, use hanging dividers, use an official jewelry box or any number of methods.  The main thing is to keep it clean, intact & safe!  So, I thought I’d share some great ideas (some are even diy!) for you to keep your precious fashion items.

Here you’ll see a custom make jewelry organizer.  I found this company, Jewelry Organizers & More, on FB.  They create custom organizers to your specs!  The pic has a link that’ll take you directly to their FB page.

fb jewelry organizer

OMG, as I’m writing this post, I’m researching all kinds of different jewelry storage ideas.  There is some great stuff out there!  So here’s one I found that gives you 12 DIY jewelry organizer ideas!  I love the 3 tiered scalloped pedestal tray idea!  I have made a bathroom organizer that looks similar for my toiletries to keep my sink nice & tidy by organizing vertically.

12 DIY Jewelry Organizers_large

Here’s another that started me to drooling (yes, I know I’m butchering the English language with that one)!  The color choice is so cool!  Those Caribbean colors are in this season, so it falls right in line.  But this seems like an easy diy project you could try.

large jewelry organizer

I love how there’s so many nooks, crannies & hooks!  You could even add more hooks on the side.  The possibilities are endless!

Now this is the one I want for the road.  I already own something similar, but it’s for toiletries & it folds differently.  But in a pinch, it’ll work.  However, this one struck my fancy as soon as I laid eyes on it.  What do you think?


You can also go the hanging organizer route, but I’d be concerned with necklace sets.  Your seed bead sets don’t do well when rolled up or wound up.  They’ll hold that shape & it’ll take months for them to straighten back out.  Yeah, guess how I know??


My new love is a wall mount jewelry organizer.  They just floor me!  The idea of opening any door to behold row after row of bracelets, necklaces & earrings is enough to make me woozy!  lol  Ok, maybe it’s not quite that serious, but they do get me going!!


So I’m sure there are some purists out there who only go for jewelry boxes.  I don’t blame you.  They are beautiful, practical & functional!  But who says they can’t be dazzling!  This box has a great look & space for your favorite pieces.


But for me, I must say I have a different idea of jewelry storage.  Maybe it’s because of the amount of jewelry I encounter, but I’ve gotta have uber-storage!  So here it is, ladies.


This thing is a work of art!  I can’t even figure out how much it would hold!!!  Now, if I could superglue it to one of these Wellington dressers below, I just might be able to fit my jewelry in one place.  LOL!!!!  Gotcha!

2 1 DebRaggiosChest jewelrycabinetfrontandside JS-10

Alright ladies, I hope you enjoyed this post.  And I hope I inspired you to think outside (& inside) the box when considering your jewelry storage.

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Happy Shopping!

~The Jewelry Lady