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145819 25Sometimes you just want a little touch of elegance.  A little sparkle, shimmer or shine to show the world you’re feeling that twinkle.  So how do you do that without going overboard?  Well, some would say it’s an art.  Some say there are rules.  Some say you have to have an eye for it.  Well, it may be all of the above.  But I can help you if you don’t know.  I have a couple of ladies who have asked me to go commando on their closets to help them discover new capabilities.  They want a new frontier.  A new look!  So where do I start?

I consider a few things:

What are their personalities/style?

What inner potential are they hiding or diluting?

What’s their day like?

When I consider those things, it makes it easier to make new outfits and creations.  Now, you may notice I didn’t mention one thing: budget.  That’s right, I left it out on purpose.  Know why?  It’s irrelevant.  Don’t think so?  Well, let me just say that I’ve lived on around 6 figures down to almost 4 figures & it really doesn’t matter.  Chef Geausteu from the movie Ratatouille who said “Food will always come to those who cook”.  I say ideas will always come to those who are fashionable!  Whether your budget is nonexistent or boundless, you still have to do a little work to make the dream a reality.

What’s your personality/style?  If you’re minimalist, stick with pieces that make a statement, but not too loud.  Pendants can have a little sparkle & still add elegance.

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If you’re a little more adventurous, then you may be into charm necklaces.  These can be single, double or multistrand styles which are usually available in a wide variety of colors.  These styles are less conservative, but still can be quite chic.

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Finally, we’ll cover those true pioneers, the Divas.  Not afraid of color, size or others’ opinions, these styles can be bold, daring and extravagant (in a good way).  These styles are for the fearless and the fierce!

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What inner potential are you hiding or diluting?

Do you wear what you do because that’s what’s expected of you?  Many are held back from expressing themselves by tradition, status quo or other people’s opinions of how they should be.  Your family, job, friends, church, or other atmospheres can play a big part in how you look.  Or they can play a bit part.  It’s up to you!  Examine how you feel when you get dressed.  If you go shopping with a friend, what do they say is “you”?  Is it accurate?  Dare to be exactly who you are on the inside.  But portray that on the outside!

What’s your day like?

Ok, I’ll be honest.  Sometimes you just can’t wear what you want to wear because of how your day goes.  5″ heels aren’t a smart move if you walk 8 hours a day.  Skirt suits aren’t the way to go if you work with animals (I would think).  And wearing dresses may not work if you’re a track coach.  I don’t know what you do, but I know what you wear should be practical and can also be fashionable.  So don’t hold back!  Try new things.  Stretch those creative muscles.  Don a hat, throw on a scarf, parade a pin!  Wear things in new & interesting ways to express your own unique personality.

Enjoy your life!

~The Jewelry Lady

If you’d like a second opinion on an outfit or need help finding garments or accessories, I’m here to help!  Feel free to send me pics or video-just keep it tasteful, please!  😉