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When you’re in the public eye, that first impression can make or break potential future connections.  Hey, it would be great if people could see what’s inside when you first meet, but let’s be real.  It is what it is.  And some people will only see you that one time in their life!  So, when you’re planning your next event, whether it’s a book signing, speaking engagement, photo shoot or public debut, are you considering the following?

What is the feel of the event?  It will most likely be the same as the type of material you’re presenting.  Is it formal, casual, contemporary, edgy, conservative?  Choose apparel & accessories to reflect that feel.

Will you be seen from a distance or up close & personal?  If you’re going to be on stage in front of hundreds & a good distance away, you’ll need to wear a little showier (bright colors, gold or bling) or expressive piece (statement necklaces) so that people can see that you’re even wearing jewelry. Your makeup will also need to be more pronounced, but that’s not my area of expertise.  I’m staying in my lane!  However, you should contact this lady, Araneetae Guy for any and every question you have regarding skin, skincare & makeup.  She’s a great resource for getting your skin to perfection.  I’ve used her services & specially formulated products that have natural ingredients like shea butter, cocnout oil, etc. & my skin always gets compliments!  I also use it on my kids’ skin & it cleared up my son’s face where he had eczema outbreaks & in my daughter’s hair when it was looking dry.  It’s also great for dry scalp.  Now back to the main thing…

If you’re up close & personal, or doing head shots, expressive pieces are still ok, but be sure it doesn’t overpower your personality or outfit.  Many places will say wear understated jewelry, but I don’t agree at all.  If you want to look pulled together, wear a comfortable, but flattering outfit with complementary jewelry.  I’ve written a few blog posts about how to choose jewelry for specific occasion.  There’s also pieces about balancing your jewelry & your outfit.

Other jewelry tips:

*Don’t be afraid to wear jewelry that reflects you!  People look for something to separate you from the tons of other speakers they’ve heard.  You are just what they’re looking for!

*Wear clean jewelry (click the link to see my easy tips on how to clean fashion jewelry)

*Always bring a scarf & a ring (click here to see a video about how they can be used as a coverup if you spill food or drink on blouse before or during your event.)

Alright, I hope I’ve helped!  But if you are completely stumped, visit the main menu (at the top of the page) to see tons of posts about how to put an outfit together.  If you know you’ll wear a little black dress, these videos may help!

How To Jazz Up Your Little Black Dress Part 1

How To Jazz Up Your Little Black Dress Part 2

How To Jazz Up Your Little Black Dress Part 3

As always, if you need help finding pieces to express who you are at your event, I’m just an email away!  Contact me at askthejewelrylady@gmail.com or on my Facebook page.  Best hopes for your event!

~The Jewelry Lady

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