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I know, I just ran about 30% of you away.  But it’s ok!  I wouldn’t ask you that question without giving you a simple solution on how to do it.  And I wouldn’t suggest it if I didn’t know first hand how beneficial it is to do it.  I have been known to be a bit of a clothes hog myself.  Thank God I’m married to one!  He can understand, so I don’t catch much flack about it.  However, there was a time when having so many clothes became too much.  Yeah, there’s such a thing as having too many clothes (*sigh*).  But, while I was pouting about cleaning out my closet, I realized one thing:

If I clean out my closet & organize it, I can go shopping again!  In moderation, of course.

The next thing I thought about was how many people would benefit from having my clothes that I didn’t even wear any more.  Or even ones that I liked but didn’t really wear much.  Or the ones I hated, were too big, too small, too whatever.

So, I got to work.  I went through the rack, pulling out these categories:

1.  Don’t like

2.  Doesn’t fit

3.  Don’t wear

4.  Worn it long enough (yes, that’s a category.  I even get tired of seeing me in some stuff!)

5. Outdated or inherited*

As I was doing this, I noticed some things.  I noticed the colors I wore & even more so, the colors I didn’t wear!  I noticed the style I gravitated to & the ones I strayed from.  I noticed the materials, cut & neckline that I utilized most often.  I began to discover my personal style!  As I took notice, it made it easier to separate the good from the bad in my closet.  And it made it easier to chuck what I didn’t really need.  That stuff was using some prime real estate!

Now, there’s an * by number 5.  Here’s the deal.  If you have outdated clothing (those extra wide collars from the 70s or go-go boots or something), you need to do something about it.  I know, I love some of the patterns & yes, they are called retro, but there is a limit.  If you have a vintage piece that’s got a great pattern, then keep it.  Just re-purpose it.  Take it to an alterations shop and have them create a new garment out of the old one.  Create a new garment or accessory out of a beloved old one.  Just make sure it’ll be something you’ll use & look great in.

Next, inherited pieces.  If you inherited items from a loved one (who has passed or not), you could alter those garments to fit you.  You could also convert sweaters to pillows to snuggle, blouses into vests or tanks, or any number of creative ideas!  Even consider transforming a garment into a stuffed animal.  Sentimental pieces are special, but even more so when they can be used by the owner.  You may want to take pictures of the item(s) and just give them away.  This is a great way to keep the memory without utilizing space.  Either way, do what gives you peace & space to receive.

So, once you clean out, what do you do with all that stuff?  First, resist temptation to put it back in the closet by getting rid of it as soon as possible!  Bag it up, call your girlfriends & let them come get the bags.  Don’t let them stay in your house!  Ask them to pass on what they don’t need to someone else.  Or, you can donate them to a women’s shelter, local school clothing closet, church or Salvation Army/Goodwill/Thrift store.  And consigning is always an option.  I don’t usually suggest it, due to the amount of time it sometimes take to haul it around to find a place that takes your style of clothing.

Anyway, enough chit-chat about it.  Let’s do it!  Let’s tackle that closet!!!

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