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581567_10150844573685011_2011070623_nLeahI have a 6-year-old little girl.  Leah.  I love Leah.  I really do.  She’s all the things a little girl should be.  Sweet, smart, expressive, unique & silly.  Unfortunately, she’s the only girl.  She has 2 older brothers so I feel her pain (I’m an only child).  No little girl in the house to play with, share secrets with, have tea parties & play dress up with…WRONG!  My daughter has made me the stand in to every production she puts on in the house, from play doh pal to sidewalk chalk chum (which I admit is great stress relief & down time).  And she wants to share things of mine, too!  Like my shoes, my hats, my office, & most recently, my jewelry!  In my mind I said, FORGET THAT!!  There’s a lot of things we can share, but NOT MY JEWELRY!  But in my heart, this is my baby girl, my pride & joy, the apple of my eye.  Surely, surely there is some recourse!  I pondered, thought, considered, & after creating a few brow lines, it came to me…


So, I did!  And yes, I do realize that I have an ENORMOUS advantage, because well…….. I AM The Jewelry Lady!

But, I’m not selfish.  And I am sympathetic to all the moms out there who don’t have the access to jewelry styles that I do.  I’m so sympathetic that I have created albums on my FB page FULL of little girly froo-froo items that the little ladies, teens & fully grown ladies just ADORE!  How do I know?  I test them out on my little lady.  She’s often sitting beside me, pointing, smiling (face about to crack from cheesing) & saying “Ooooh Mommy!  JEWELRY!  Can I see??”  Of course, how can I deny her the pleasure?  She is in fact the next generation of The Jewelry Lady!  It’s also great to have a second opinion.  She’s got “the eye”, too!  So your daughters will be in for a treat when I retire.  Oh God, how do you RETIRE from jewelry?!  Clutch the pearls in shock & horror!  lol

Anyway, here are some more serious suggestions that may work for you (besides installing a high-tech infrared laser guarded room that requires a thumbprint, eye scan & vocal recognition):

1.  When you go shopping & you see that *twinkle* in their eye (you know the one where you realize you’ll never see/touch/wear that item again in its original condition), pony up and get her one as well.

2.  Recycle!  When you’re about to clean out your closet, bring her in and let her have first crack at items you’re giving away anyway.  Leah had the most fun in my shirt that I was giving away & all the jewelry I was giving to our women’s church group (The Sista Swap).

3.  Use your items as a bargaining chip.  Yeah, bribe ’em. I negotiated about 10 minutes of freedom off of one bag of jewelry & shirts I was giving away.  It ended up being about an hour because she was having so much fun!  And at the end, I got a free fashion show!!

The Jewelry Lady in trainingHere’s a sample of little girl items.  Inbox me or reply here with questions or to order.  Orders usually arrive within 7-10 days. Happy shopping! ~The Jewelry Lady

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