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I’ll be honest.  When I get my hair cut, I don’t pre-plan what jewelry I’ll wear.  I don’t.  I do it just like everyone else.  Get a few inches whacked off, then get home and freak out when my jewelry just doesn’t look the same.  Well, I finally figured out what it was.  It wasn’t me, & it isn’t you.  It’s the vacant space caused by your hair being gone!  lol  If it used to be long & now it’s short, you’ve got some space to fill.

Here’s an example of a lady who had long hair & then got a haircut.


Before, when I (yeah, that’s me) had long hair, my hairstyle and length did the “work” of framing my face or adding drama or flair and my accessories were just that.  Now, with a shorter ‘do, I feel a need to fill that area where the hair was.  So how do I fill it?  With jewelry of course!!  Ok, I’ll be more technical.  The old saying, “opposites attract” will forever ring true.  If you have a lot of hair (whether it be long or fuller), you can get away with less dramatic earrings like pendant styles, teardrops, or hoops.  If your hair stops around your ears, there’s space between the bottom of your hair and your shoulder.

So, to fill the void (so to speak), try wearing larger or longer earrings.  Earrings with more drama (rhinestones, crystals, bright colors, ornate designs, intricate pieces) can add interest and give balance to your new hairdo.  One other thing, I seemed to look younger with longer hair.  The scary thing is, those photos aren’t a year apart!  If that’s the case, then I need to be sure my earrings are appropriate.  More serious earrings for more somber occasions & more fun earrings for when I’m free to be me.

Anyway, I hope this article helped.  Have fun experimenting while you find what works for you.  And before you get your next haircut, think about how you’ll accessorize your new ‘do!


~The Jewelry Lady