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                   Good question!

Many ladies ask, “Should wear a scarf with a necklace?”

The question shouldn’t be “should I”, but “how should I?”

For years, it’s been faux pas to pair a scarf with a necklace, but now, it’s a hot trend!  So how do you create a cohesive, chic look?  Well, there are a few ways:

You can blouse the scarf with a choker so the necklace shows above the draped scarf.

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Another method is wearing a layered necklace above the scarf in a V.  Unfortunately, you can’t see everything that’s going on in this pic.  The scarf is draped over one shoulder so it frames the extra long necklace.  I couldn’t get my camera to capture it without it being fuzzy.  😦


But my pink Italian scarf & pearls still look so chic!

Next, I tried looping a scarf around my neck once and allowing it to hang and frame different necklaces.  Notice that the loop can be close to the neck or further away.  I put it further away for the bobble/bauble necklace & closer for the multi-strand pearls.

2013-02-06_19-41-25_626 2013-02-06_19-35-10_155

I also tried laying the pearls on top of a draped scarf.  This way the scarf is a backdrop for the necklace.  Try to match the weight of the scarf to the weight of the piece.  Meaning, if you have a classy scarf, put it with a classy set.  A whimsical scarf should be paired with a fun set.  Don’t mix messages when putting jewelry together.  But there are some pieces that’ll work either way.

Works well for covering the cleavage!

2013-02-06_19-38-37_2692013-02-06_19-22-23_111    2013-02-06_19-24-36_6252013-02-06_19-20-21_152

Finally, I put the necklaces on top of the scarf.


I hope I inspired you to try some different looks using some of the items you already have (or some you plan to own) & I hope you enjoyed my mini photo shoot.  I know I did!  Play around with these styles in different colors, fabric types & lengths of necklaces & scarves.  Pair them with your favorite ensembles to see which ways flatter you most.  And when you find it,



Have fun!

~The Jewelry Lady