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I’ll admit it.  We women are tricky.  Ok, dangerous, when it comes to Valentine’s Day.  Expectations are high and there’s a lot on the line.  But, you have help!  Consider me your personal double agent.  Here are some tips to picking out a gift for your lady:

1. PAY ATTENTION!  Look at the jewelry she wears, what she says she likes, what she’s got pinned on her Pinterest board and KNOW HER FAVORITE COLOR (if any). Know what she DOESN’T like!  Avoid disappointment & embarrassment on both sides!

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2. Set a budget.  When you’re going to look, this’ll help get you in and out faster if you know you only have $20, $200 or $2,000 to spend on that perfect gift.


3. Man up!!  We will tell you that it’s the thought that counts.  But sometimes, it’s not.  Sometimes, it’s the effort that counts.    Get her something wonderful, not something “ehhh”.  A woman wants to see that you really thought about HER.  Not you.  So no pots, pans, vacuums, toasters, lingerie, tools, car parts, household cleaning implements or man type stuff, UNLESS SHE SPECIFICALLY REQUESTS IT.  Even then, get her a girly one too (if she’s at all girly or ever was).

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 4. Dig deep!  Become a spy, ninja or a rogue CIA operative if necessary!  Ask her friends, Mom or coworkers.  Do your due diligence to win your lady’s heart!2012-12-11_11-00-22_7522012-12-11_11-07-48_9902012-12-11_11-04-43_437

5. Keep it comparable.  If your lady has simple tastes, don’t overwhelm her with a display that’s not her style.  If she’s a diva, don’t come up short!  Your gift should match your sweetie’s personality.

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Final tips:

If you get her a card, know what it says.  Read it!  So if she says, “Awwww, I never knew you felt that way”, or “Oh, do you really mean that?”, you won’t look like a dope!  Women want to know that they’re loved, though about, cherished & special to you.  Yeah, it’s tough to find a gift that says all that, but give it your best shot.

And remember, I’m here to help!

Call, email or post & I’ll help you find the perfect gift for your perfect gift!

Happy shopping!

~ The Jewelry Lady

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