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I know this is a sensitive topic, but it must be discussed!  Even the best quality jewelry can get covered with lotions, sweat, dirt & other contaminants.  Along with these factors & the increasing pollutants in our surroundings, it should come as no surprise that some can have challenges with wearing jewelry.  Fashion jewelry has gotten a bad rep for years for turning colors.  Many people would say it was because it was cheap.  However, with more investigation, it’s been found that allergies, environmental conditions (weather, minerals, rain, etc.) as well as body chemistry are the real issue.  Don’t get me wrong, some jewelry is just cheap.  But, even the best quality real silver and gold jewelry can make a person break out due to metals and other additives used to make real metal jewelry wearable.  So how can we cope?  We must adapt!  Here are some tips to avoid, deter or delay having reactions to your real or fashion jewelry.

1.  Keep it clean!  Use good quality jewelry and fashion jewelry cleaners on a regular basis as directed by the manufacturer, or take it to a professional.

2.  Rotate your jewelry.  In other words, don’t wear the same jewelry every day.  In the case of wedding bands or sentimental pieces, clean it more often.

3.  Don’t wear your jewelry when working out, using cleaners, sleeping or putting on moisturizers or makeup.

4.  Use care when cleaning jewelry at home.  Use soft cloths, nail brushes, toothpicks or other implements to clean, but use light pressure, minimal scrubbing or rubbing and gentle motions to avoid loosening settings or dissolving adhesives.

Finally, consider these tips for fashion jewelry:

1.  Buy 2 of your favorite or go-to pieces.  If one turns (God forbid), at least you have a backup!

2.  Don’t soak in any cleanser, no matter how gentle.

3.  Coat the portions that come in contact with your skin with clear nail polish.  Do not use clear coat spray paint or polyurethane or anything that says on the label “avoid skin contact with skin”.

4.  Whether real or fashion, don’t sleep in jewelry.  It can cut your skin, get tangled in your hair or get caught on something and cause you injury.  So try to place your pieces in a jewelry box or night stand before turning in.

5.  Keep a piece of chalk in your jewelry box around your fashion jewelry.  I read this somewhere and honestly don’t know if this works or not, but I tried it and I have no bad news to report!  Who wants to chance it?  lol

I hope I’ve shed some light on this tender topic.  I myself have experienced reactions to my (real) gold wedding band when I don’t clean it regularly.  I also remember when I was pregnant, I’d wear it on my necklace because my fingers were so swollen & I’d break out on my chest.  But I soon found that when I cleaned my pieces regularly, I had little or no reaction at all.

So, take care & take care of your jewelry!

The Jewelry Lady