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Some days I wanna be weird.  Not Lady Gag weird (I have my limits), but past the norm, totally random, “how did she make that work” weird.  I get a kick out of it, I’ll admit.  I like to take my accessories & put them together in ways that aren’t supposed to go together.  My necklaces and scarves (my mom said it was a no-no), my necklaces as bracelets & my rings on my scarves.  I learned a long time ago not to care.  I’m a trendsetter.  I love to do things in a unique way.  They say that the first person to really do something never gets credit (God made everything and He doesn’t get the credit He deserves), but I don’t do it for the credit.  I do it cuz it’s FUN!!!  So I encourage you to go do your weirdest and best.  Wear your rings as ponytail holders.  Wear your neck scarf as a head wrap.  Heck, use old necklaces & stretch bracelets as boot decor.  Whatever you do, do it big & do it you!