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With so many colors & styles of jewelry out there, this question of what jewelry to wear can be overwhelming.  So, I started doing some research.  Does it really matter what jewelry you should wear and when?  Yes & no.  The more important thing is that you consider how you look (as well as appropriateness) for the occasion.

For instance, you don’t want to outshine the person of honor at a special occasion.  So dial back the bling at weddings, funerals, graduations, honorary dinners & awards banquets.  At other occasions it won’t matter as much.  It’s ok to be a showstopper, but don’t make others feel inadequate or look like you’re trying too hard.  Yeah, it’s a delicate balance.

So, let’s focus on how to choose what you wear:

1. Choosing a necklace. Your necklace can make you look taller or shorter, larger or more delicate. Longer necklaces give a taller appearance, while those that rest on the collarbone minimize the height. Large-boned and full figured people may want to opt for a necklace with a bit of volume, while petite people may want to wear something more delicate.

2. Choosing earrings. Your earrings can complement or take away from your appearance. Long dangling earrings will enhance round faces, shorter earrings will complement rectangular or oblong faces, and rounded earrings will enhance square faces, while triangular earrings will add to heart-shaped faces. Oval faces typically look good in any style.

3. Choosing rings. Your rings can make your fingers look longer or shorter. Wider bands with round settings are best for long fingers, while dainty rings with oval stones are great for shorter fingers.

4. Choosing a bracelet. From dainty gem bracelets to large bangle bracelets, these accessories can also complement your look. Delicate bracelets are best for petite women; wide bracelets are great for average-sized women, while full figured women may look best wearing a few bracelets at once.

5. How to choose jewelry that will match a particular occasion? An adornment that’s ideal for a fancy night on the town may be completely unsuitable for the boardroom. Depending on the occasion, your jewelry piece can either take the stage or subtly add to your looks.

6. How to choose jewelry that will fit your budget? Make sure to determine how much money you wish to spend and stay within your budget. Silver and gold cost more, but they are always in style and they will last for ages. Costume and plated jewelry is much more affordable than precious metals, but its lifespan is shorter: it will wear off and fade with time. Remember, jewelry stores in prime locations may hike their prices by as much as twenty-five percent.

7. How to choose jewelry made of the right material? Decide whether you want something that you can wear until you grow tired of it (imitation or costume jewelry), or something that will stand the test of time (solid precious metal jewelry). Silver and gold will allow you to dress up or down and wear them for any occasion, while costume jewelry will enable you to change with the current style.

8. How to choose jewelry that will look good on you? Try various styles on in front of a mirror to see which piece suits you best. Ensure that this piece will complement your complexion and match your outfit. Bring a friend along and ask them for their opinion. When purchasing a necklace, ring or a bracelet online, make sure to measure your neck or wrist first (or go with a stretch style).

Source:  pier55.com