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Nothing is more upsetting than your favorite fashion piece looking dull, dirty or just not as glamorous.  Before you toss it, try cleaning it!  Consider that your jewelry suffers through a barrage of hair & face products, sweat, dirt & oils on a daily basis.  This can take its toll on any jewelry-even gold & silver jewelry.  So to take the wear and tear off,  try these methods:

Use a lint free and non-abrasive cloth to wipe down your fashion & costume jewelry at night after the jewelry has been removed.  This will help to prevent a buildup of body oil and perspiration.  These cloths are not treated with any type of polish or chemical that could potentially damage your jewelry.  Try an ultra-soft microfiber cloth that will remove perspiration and restore shine to the surface of your fashion jewelry.

You probably will not need to use a liquid cleaner more than once a month unless you are active in stage performance.  Heavy makeup required for theatre can transfer to the surface of your jewelry causing a dull exterior; in cases like this, cleaning several times a month with Fashion Jewelry Cleaner may be beneficial.

Source:  http://www.blitzinc.com