One key fashion rule of thumb is to look effortless, natural & elegant.  An outfit may be stunning, but everyone will know that you are in pain or uncomfortable wearing it within 30 seconds of seeing you.  Fashion need not be torture!  When you’re out shopping or at home choosing an outfit, be sure it’s comfortable from head to toe.  So put back those jeans that give a muffin top, ditch the blouse that is so cute but itches you to death, hurl those insanely high heels out & donate the skirt keeps riding up for some unknown reason.  It’s not worth the hassle!  Wear what makes you look good AND feel good!

A great way to be sure only flattering pieces remain in your wardrobe is to have a trash can or donation pile area in your closet.  Designate that area to items that don’t fit, are damaged or are not flattering.  Clean that area out at least once a week to avoid the temptation of restocking.  Once you get into the habit, you’ll find yourself only searching for “investment pieces” and skipping over items that do you no justice.

Finally, consider your health.  Your fashion choices today can mean never having to deal with bruising, varicose veins & fallen arches tomorrow.  So take care of yourselves, ladies.  Stay healthy, happy and fabulous!