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Only purchase clothing that is flattering.  Think of outfits or garments that you always get compliments on.  Did they compliment you on the color?  Was it the cut or style?  Shop according to those compliments.  This doesn’t mean you are people pleasing, but it is a clear indication of what showcases you.

Avoid impulse shopping.  You often spend unnecessarily on items you don’t need & usually regret later.

Need to save a buck?  Shopping at a high end store off season can save a lot.  Add in a coupon or special promotion & you’ll get all of the quality at a fraction of the price!

Swapping with friends is a great way to find out what looks good on you without spending a dime.

Finally, avoid shopping if you are bloated, swollen or in any pain.  You will misjudge your size & can make snap judgments.

If you need advice on an outfit or accessories, feel free to post or email me at buy@thejewelrylady.co!  Let me know if I have permission to share your photo on our blog, site or FB page.

Thanks & happy shopping!