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Is black the staple, go-to color in your closet?  Who can blame you?  It goes with everything, is classy & never goes out of style.  But if you notice that 90% of your closet is black or dark colors, then my friend you’re in a fashion rut.  It’s natural to think that black is easier since it’s so versatile!  If you had a stain that wouldn’t wash out after 50 tries, who’d know?  But, there’s a problem.  As glamorous and sultry as black is, it doesn’t pair well with other dark colors.  And blacks in different fabrics don’t usually match.  So, how can this be remedied?  If you don’t wear any light colors, just try working in a little at a time.  If you don’t want to fully commit to wearing a garment, try accessories first.  Try working in colors that are a little less intimidating, like deep purple, emerald, turquoise, rust or ruby tones.  Before you know it, you’ll have a more diverse wardrobe and have more flexibility with your outfits.  So give it a shot and watch those compliments pour in!