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1.  Double check your alarm clock

It may seem obvious, but millions of people are late every day because they forget to turn their alarm clock back on after turning it off!

2.  Pre-iron your clothes for the week

Let’s face it, we almost always know what we’ll wear the upcoming week.  We can take one look at the weather & weed out countless items from our closets.  So instead of having the morning mental debate of what to wear, save some time by ironing 5 or 6 tops during some down time.  So when you do finally make the decision, you won’t have to use more time ironing!  Great times to iron can be waiting for a friend (who’s always late), waiting for eggs to boil or during a sporting event your man is eyeballing that you could care less about.

3.  Can’t stand ironing?  Outsource!

I hate to iron, and if I could, I’d send everything to the cleaners.  Why not?  They’ve gotta make a living, too!  Support your local small business by throwing them some of your wrinkled wear.  You’ll be less stressed & they’ll be glad you did.

4.  Lay out your clothes the night (or week) before

Yeah, our moms were right.  Laying out your clothes ahead of time really saved us time and energy.  Pull out everything you’ll wear-from your coat & jewelry down to your unmentionables – & you’ll find those stains, holes & pulls early enough to do something about them!  Don’t forget to do The Wardrobe Test to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions!

5.  Get organized and stay there

Having like items in one place will end the rat-race also know as “Where did I put my…??”  Putting all of your tops, bottoms, jewelry, undergarments & shoes in certain areas of your room or closet will guarantee that nothing will be out of place when you’re looking for it.

Well, I have a 6th idea I’m sure you’ll enjoy…


Ok, maybe this isn’t that practical.  Let’s face it, everybody’s gotta eat.  So unless you’re a multimillionaire, most likely you’ve gotta go to work.  Hopefully the 5 tips will help you take some of the pain of getting ready for work in the morning.  If you’d like to share yours, please post it below.
Thanks for reading!

The Jewelry Lady