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We all want to get more out of your wardrobe.  Whether it’s shopping for a new one, replacing individual pieces or just revamping what you have, having functional, versatile outfits are critical for any woman’s closet!  So how do you do it?

If you can and want to shop, then this may not be a hard question.  You have the money & the motivation, so off you go to your favorite fashion fix location!  However, if you don’t have the money or don’t want to shop, you still have a lot of options!  The easiest makeover can sometimes going with what you’ve got.  All it takes is some time, patience & imagination.  So here’s 5 steps to a new wardrobe using what you’ve got.

1.  Pick a garment you want to use more often or need to match.  This may be due to damage or loss of its coordinating former partner.  Lay it on the bed (or hang it up or put it on a bust form if you’re just that diva and have one!)

2.  Pull other garments from your closet that replace the missing article.  DON’T leave any out even if you feel they won’t work or would look ridiculous!  You may find an unexpected, delightful ensemble that’s been overlooked.  Consider color combinations that you haven’t before, like peach, turquoise, or purple & chocolate brown.  These are all colors that occur in nature, so they’ll be beautiful on you, too!

To demonstrate, I’ve placed my Carolyn Taylor sweater with all of my slacks.  I put like colors together so I can see what works.  Since I’d recently brought out my fall wardrobe, I found 3 new outfits that I’d already had!  Awesome!!

3.  Try on each outfit to be sure it works.  If it does, take a picture of yourself in it for an unbiased opinion.  You can also ask a friend, significant other or spouse.  Note:  don’t ask a person unless you value and respect their fashion opinion!

4.  Complete our patented (lol) Wardrobe Test to be sure you’re ready to go out of the door!

5.  Use my matching method to see what jewelry & accessories work best with your new wardrobe!