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It’s about quality, not quantity!  Thanks so much for those who have followed me on this fabulous journey with jewelry.  Through this adventure I’ve made a ton of friends that I’m extremely grateful for!  So let’s go for another 100, shall we?  Share this post with your friends and let’s have fun being fabulous together!

Thanks again!

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Fabulous Fall Photo Shoot!


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Hey y’all!  I decided to use today to do another photo shoot.  It’s been forever since the last one, and since I got such good feedback from the last one I said, what the heck!  Let’s do another one!!

So once I started, I got inspired.  It’s funny what you find when you’re not looking for it!

For example, I finally found a perfect use for this burnished necklace!  I’ve had it forever, tried to pair it with a million things over the summer, but it just wasn’t quite right.  Now I see why.  This beauty was built for Fall!


It pairs perfectly with this cropped faux fur vest!


Sometimes you need to get out of the box and go for the bow.

A bow is the ultimate statement of boldness & glamor!

It’s also the perfect complement to this fur vest!20161010_060120

Speaking of animal accessories, how about these feather dangle earrings?20161010_060728


So…I was about to get rid of this adorable jacket when I put some accessories on it.

What can I say?  Sometimes you just need (to keep) a red jacket.


I’m missing the highs in the mid 80’s.  The cool Fall nights have already taken hold here in NC.  If you’re still romancing your summer shades, don’t feel bad!  With cool weather on the way, just grab a light scarf and continue to show your neckline with a little slipknot.20161010_054351

Or throw it loosely over both shoulders for a carefree but chic look.


Drape over one shoulder to showcase a pretty pattern.


Add a geometric necklace with the geometric print to add flair and fun.20161010_054624

Want to cover your neck but still show off your neck candy?  Toss both ends of your scarf behind your back.  Let it dangle or add a small knot to the ends to secure them in place.  Instant glam!20161010_054646

A side slip knot is a great way to add coverage and class.20161010_05471220161010_055635

Well, I hope you had fun with me on this fall fashion shoot.  I may do another one soon.  Maybe with pashminas?

If you’d like to see some more fall outfit ideas, just let me know!



30% Off This Weekend! I’m on Periscope Tonight at 9!


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Hey good people!

I’ll be hosting The Oasis again tonight at 9 on Periscope. Also, enjoy 30% off all prices (regular, sales AND clearance) all weekend!




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Did You Miss It? Don’t Fret, Here’s The Replay!


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Hi guys!

We just finished up our first session! We had a PHENOMENAL time! If you missed it, here’s the Periscope replay. Unfortunately, the Facebook feed didn’t work out. But I hope you enjoy. If you place an order tonight you can still get The Oasis price. G’nite!





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Hey guys!
I’m excited to announce my first LIVE sale on Periscope!* You’ve been asking for it, so tonight’s the night! So jump in your jammies, grab your favorite drink and settle in for some fun & fabulousness!!! I’ll be debuting some new styles, bringing back some old favorites & throwing in some stunning surprises. The best thing is, nothing featured is over $15!! So come visit The Oasis at 9 tonight & get your Fall pieces without breaking the budget…

(Oh yeah, almost forgot!  My username is @thejewelrylady9.  If you don’t have Periscope, you can watch on FB or just follow on Periscope in 3 little steps:

  1.  Download the Periscope app (it’s free!)
  2.  Create a login & password, or log in using your Twitter credentials
  3. Find me by using the keyword @thejewelrylady9


The perfect place for the diva in you to relax, play & get your glam on!

See you in a bit,

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Win Free Earrings From The Jewelry Lady!


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If you’ve been following me on FB or IG, you’ve seen my posts on my current giveaway.  If you missed it, there’s still time to enter

momack-styles-collaborationHere’s what you could win:

1 pair of white double pair earrings

  Super chic, super classy & super versatile!  Sign up on IG & enter to win today!

white-double-pearl-earrings-silverAnd be sure to check me out tonight on Periscope!  I’ll be hosting my first trip to:

textgram_1474467412What’s The Oasis, you ask?
It’s the perfect place for a diva to relax, play & get her glam on!

Stop by my Periscope page (@thejewelrylady9) tonight at 9 for my
$5-$10-$15 sale!

So go follow me on Periscope to see the live broadcast.
I’ll also be posting on FB and will share the post here at a later time.  See you tonight!

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It’s Almost Fall, Y’all! Get Fall Fashion Forward With These Fabulous Styles!


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Time for sweaters, pie & booties! Ah, Fall. The season for winding down and getting cozy.

What says cozy more thank booties & fur?!  Add some bling to your bag and get a totally new look (without ponying up for a new one)!


black-bow-pom MD745g01

And we can’t forget about the soothing glow of gold, bronze and rose gold.  Their subtle yet sumptuous tones give us a sparkle and shimmer that can’t be beat!

528337 gold-cuff-bracelet-side-black

Last but not least, navy.  Navy never goes out of style or season.  It’s perfect for fall when paired with camel colored items, such as boots & handbags!


I hope you enjoyed this mini post on getting Fall fashion forward.  Stay tuned for this an more.  Especially my next giveaway!!!  Be sure to sign up at http://www.thejewelryladystore.com by creating an account.  All you’ll need to submit is your name and your email to be sure I can get your prize to you!

Until next time, stay fabulous!


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Put Your Pretties On Display! (Fall Makeover)


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Hi!  How are y’all?  I’m back with a Fall makeover!  And what better makeover than your accessories.  It’s time to freshen up what you love and ditch what you don’t.  Once you’ve separated the love it from the leave it, you need to display it!  Don’t waste time looking for your loveliest delights by hiding them in a drawer.  No, put them on display for all (or at least you) to see!  Then, when you walk into your boudoir, you can “shop” for what your heart desires without all the hullabaloo.

Need ideas?  Here’s some great ones to get you started.

Glasses & Goblets


Sometimes little pieces have a tendency to try to get away from you!  So why not store them somewhere you can see them and easily get to them?  Wine glasses, goblets, martini glasses and even champagne glasses are a cute & chic way to display!

Jars & Vases

20160911_163552Add a burlap bow for some country glam or some silky ribbon to add your personal flair!

Bowls & Plates

Nothing says chic like elevation.  This is just a clear glass plate atop a glass candle holder.  You can affix them together with hot glue or glass adhesive for extra stability.

Cups & Trays

 20160911_16413720160911_164420 20160911_164447

Paper Towel Holders

 Ok, this is awkward! I don’t have one!  But I was sitting around thinking how they would be great for stacking stretch bracelets and bangles, foldovers and wrap arounds.

gold-cuff-bracelet-side-blackmesh twist bracelet ssss-seashell-locket-bracelet

Jewelry Display Stands

This is my bread & butter!  Since I have a mini showroom in my office, I didn’t think it would be fair to myself not to have one in my closet!!  So here are some ideas of ways that you can make your own showroom too!

Try some earring stands.  No more one hit wonders (you know how you lost one and can’t find the other, lol).  20160911_16255820160911_16271020160911_16280320160911_16282520160911_16350820160911_171640Set up your special occasion outfit or your daily diva ootd complete with earrings, necklace and/or bracelets.  Don’t forget your handbags, polish and makeup honey!

 20160911_16423720160911_162758 20160911_162704img_20160801_072405img_20160801_073432  20160911_162738

I even separate items by metal, color or theme.  Here’s some fur for ya!    20160911_162846


And put those sweet finishing touches to make it your own.


DIY your own creation! (click here for a great tutorial!)

 I made this one a few years ago (along with several others) and I have absolutely no regrets!  It can hold almost 100 sets of earrings & bracelets between the bowl, the 2 levels and you can even put open bracelets around the rims, the edges and around the stem.


I hope you enjoyed this post.  Do you want more like it?  Just comment below!

Until next time,

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Bag Bling? Key Chains? Help!!!


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Hi everyone,

I’m creating a new collection of accessories but I’m not sure what to call it! Here, take a look…

all puff keychains butterfly keychain crystal dragonfly keychain crystal shoe keychain fox keychains 1 fox keychains keychains puff lipstick keychains MD745g01silver bootie keychain perfume bottle keychain puff ball keychains

Well, what do you think? “Bag bling”? “Purse bling”? Plain old “keychains”? Let me know which you’d call it!


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Hi guys!

This is gonna be quick. I just want to say thank you to all my fans, followers & subscribers. To show my gratitude, please enjoy 20% off by using code THANKYOU at checkout. This discount is good for ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING in the store! This includes regular prices, sale prices AND clearance prices! So enjoy and thanks again!

Here are a few items now in stock.

e MD745g01 27084cee-e71b-4130-b084-8f4d2d3fc77a 203591 IMG_20160325_111238 tricolor cord necklace2 haheryaEr5 mesh twist bracelet ss511926 462718a 509243 526131

We’re adding new products regularly.  If you haven’t been seeing our ads, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or via email by using the link on https://www.thejewelryladystore.com/.

If you have questions, let me know!

*If you’re not aware of our SUPER SECRET SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE, you should visit our site & subscribe IMMEDIATELY!  Save up to 80% when you shop this sale!

Until next time, be sure to look like no one else!


Cutting Up & Selling Jewelry!


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Hi y’all!

I just wanted to update you on the event on Saturday. It was PHENOMENAL! Great people, great place, great chances to give & learn. We ended up raising hundreds of dollars for Muscular Dystrophy & had a ball doing it!  Some of everyone was there & we met vendors selling handbags, jewelry, clothing, self-defense & home monitoring, wealth management, makeup & food, food, FOOD!  We snuck a few snapshots while we were having all that fun.

So much so that well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words…here’s a few thousand!

Cuttin up and selling jewelry


Me and my honey bunny were so busy helping people & making new friends that the time flew by. Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and go.😦

But, it was great & we’re on to the next big thing! If you haven’t checked out the website lately, go see all the new items that have been put up. There’s surely something that’ll tickle your fancy. And be sure to use the 20% off coupon. It’ll be coming down soon!

511081 3 517575 521439 194397 506100 521820-1513628


Big Event Tomorrow! Come Get Your Goodies!


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Hi guys!

Just a quick announcement & a video share.  First, I’ll be at the Dynacon Event Center tomorrow from 11am-3pm.  I’ll have everything from necklaces & sets to fashion jewelry & sterling silver.  The address is 2100 E Wendover Avenue in Greensboro, NC.  Bring 2 canned goods & get in FREE!  Thanks for helping support the community by giving to those in need.  Second, on to the videos!

Here are some items that will be featured at the event tomorrow.

haheryaEr5 519994 501489 47228122 double pearl earringsCream double pearl earringsPink puff keychain silver crystal earrings 3pc stackable ring Hematite multistrand necklace set

Leave me some comments and let me know if you like these kinds of videos or if you’d like some tutorials and some “how to wear it” videos!

Thanks & I’ll see you next time!


Fashion Tips! 4 Tips for Transitioning Into Spring


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Yeah, I know…it’s still winter.  But it’s the perfect time to go through last year’s wardrobe and purge, prune and prep for this spring!  Styles change, tastes change.  So be sure your style reflects your current taste.  Here are a few tips!

  1.  What didn’t you wear last year?   Get rid of anything that was a one hit wonder, not a reflection of you or just unused.  Hate to part with it?  Take one last super selfie with it & give it to a friend, loved one or stranger in need.  The space alone will thank you!
  2.  Since you’ve got all of your old jewelry out & have gotten rid of what you won’t wear this year, clean it.  Give your old pieces some new shine!  For silver, use a silver polishing cloth.  For your faux fashion pieces, break out the toothpaste and a soft toothbrush.  Need a step-by-step tutorial?  Click here.
  3. Store your pieces responsibly.  There’s no feeling like having the perfect outfit, makeup on and ready to put on your show stopper only to find it’s mangled, tangled or broken because of improper storage.  So make sure they’re stored properly.  Did you know that there’s different storage needs for different pieces?  If you need storage ideas, check these out.  There’s even a DIY you can try!
  4. Time to stock up!  Take note (or pictures) of the outfits you have that need jewelry.  Now browse www.thejewelryladystore.com for your next favorite items!  Need help?  Send me your pics and I’ll send you your own private, premier selection to choose from!  It’s FREE, so why wait?!

Until next time, don’t forget to follow me on FB, engage me on IG, grab me on G+ or stop by the my website (there’s a special 20% off coupon waiting just for you!)




Business Tip: How To (& When To) Change Niches


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In case you’ve been wondering about all of the changes going on (new site, new format, sterling silver suddenly on clearance, different style posts & pics) this is why! I am taking huge strides to serve my customers the best way I can. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Tonya Joyner Speaks

20160103_115637 The Jewelry Lady is changing focuses. When I opened, I thought I knew what niche I was in (even though all the indicators said otherwise).  after making several (billion) attempts at advertising, marketing, promoting, etc., I finally realized what was wrong.  I hadn’t identified and stayed true to the niche I had a passion for. Don’t get me wrong, I’d made quite a few sales, and many were quite profitable. But too many were of items that were more effort than they were worth.  And my selection was all over the place so it was hard to explain to potential customers what I sold.  That’s not good.  Ever.  So I decided to do something about it!

First and foremost, I won’t be selling much sterling silver at all this year. There are 5 reasons.

1. Too much risk.
Once you finally find what you want, you have to wait for…

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