Cutting Up & Selling Jewelry!


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Hi y’all!

I just wanted to update you on the event on Saturday. It was PHENOMENAL! Great people, great place, great chances to give & learn. We ended up raising hundreds of dollars for Muscular Dystrophy & had a ball doing it!  Some of everyone was there & we met vendors selling handbags, jewelry, clothing, self-defense & home monitoring, wealth management, makeup & food, food, FOOD!  We snuck a few snapshots while we were having all that fun.

So much so that well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words…here’s a few thousand!

Cuttin up and selling jewelry


Me and my honey bunny were so busy helping people & making new friends that the time flew by. Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and go.😦

But, it was great & we’re on to the next big thing! If you haven’t checked out the website lately, go see all the new items that have been put up. There’s surely something that’ll tickle your fancy. And be sure to use the 20% off coupon. It’ll be coming down soon!

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Big Event Tomorrow! Come Get Your Goodies!


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Hi guys!

Just a quick announcement & a video share.  First, I’ll be at the Dynacon Event Center tomorrow from 11am-3pm.  I’ll have everything from necklaces & sets to fashion jewelry & sterling silver.  The address is 2100 E Wendover Avenue in Greensboro, NC.  Bring 2 canned goods & get in FREE!  Thanks for helping support the community by giving to those in need.  Second, on to the videos!

Here are some items that will be featured at the event tomorrow.

haheryaEr5 519994 501489 47228122 double pearl earringsCream double pearl earringsPink puff keychain silver crystal earrings 3pc stackable ring Hematite multistrand necklace set

Leave me some comments and let me know if you like these kinds of videos or if you’d like some tutorials and some “how to wear it” videos!

Thanks & I’ll see you next time!


Fashion Tips! 4 Tips for Transitioning Into Spring


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Yeah, I know…it’s still winter.  But it’s the perfect time to go through last year’s wardrobe and purge, prune and prep for this spring!  Styles change, tastes change.  So be sure your style reflects your current taste.  Here are a few tips!

  1.  What didn’t you wear last year?   Get rid of anything that was a one hit wonder, not a reflection of you or just unused.  Hate to part with it?  Take one last super selfie with it & give it to a friend, loved one or stranger in need.  The space alone will thank you!
  2.  Since you’ve got all of your old jewelry out & have gotten rid of what you won’t wear this year, clean it.  Give your old pieces some new shine!  For silver, use a silver polishing cloth.  For your faux fashion pieces, break out the toothpaste and a soft toothbrush.  Need a step-by-step tutorial?  Click here.
  3. Store your pieces responsibly.  There’s no feeling like having the perfect outfit, makeup on and ready to put on your show stopper only to find it’s mangled, tangled or broken because of improper storage.  So make sure they’re stored properly.  Did you know that there’s different storage needs for different pieces?  If you need storage ideas, check these out.  There’s even a DIY you can try!
  4. Time to stock up!  Take note (or pictures) of the outfits you have that need jewelry.  Now browse for your next favorite items!  Need help?  Send me your pics and I’ll send you your own private, premier selection to choose from!  It’s FREE, so why wait?!

Until next time, don’t forget to follow me on FB, engage me on IG, grab me on G+ or stop by the my website (there’s a special 20% off coupon waiting just for you!)




Business Tip: How To (& When To) Change Niches


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In case you’ve been wondering about all of the changes going on (new site, new format, sterling silver suddenly on clearance, different style posts & pics) this is why! I am taking huge strides to serve my customers the best way I can. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Tonya Joyner Speaks

20160103_115637 The Jewelry Lady is changing focuses. When I opened, I thought I knew what niche I was in (even though all the indicators said otherwise).  after making several (billion) attempts at advertising, marketing, promoting, etc., I finally realized what was wrong.  I hadn’t identified and stayed true to the niche I had a passion for. Don’t get me wrong, I’d made quite a few sales, and many were quite profitable. But too many were of items that were more effort than they were worth.  And my selection was all over the place so it was hard to explain to potential customers what I sold.  That’s not good.  Ever.  So I decided to do something about it!

First and foremost, I won’t be selling much sterling silver at all this year. There are 5 reasons.

1. Too much risk.
Once you finally find what you want, you have to wait for…

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20% off ALL JEWELRY Until Dec 10th!!!


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12308358_1060085044024105_3016570631972345328_nSee all new items that came out this week in my weekly recap:509741 511443 498570 501489 502076 502666 507587 511925 511967 513300 513301

I hope you enjoyed the weekly recap!


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Are You Taking Proper Care of Your Jewelry?


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Are you experiencing any of the following?

Dents or dings in your ring bands?
Loose bracelet links?
Turning colors?

All jewelry is not created equal. Some pieces can withstand jumping jacks under an elephant and others seem to come apart with a cool breeze. Sometimes it’s the jewelry, sometimes it’s our personal habits. And there are many factors involved. Knowing these factors can also help us choose jewelry that fits our lifestyle and thus help us avoid regret.

Let’s look at what the cause may be to the damage you’re seeing.

Are you doing any of the following?

Sleeping in your jewelry
Links, toggle closures, posts and brackets can get hung, bent or broken while we toss and turn in our sleep. Not to mention they could come off and get lost! Remove your precious pieces before you turn in.  It’ll cut down on those nightmares where someone is stabbing and slashing you.  (It’s your jewelry poking and cutting you. lol)wsedfcv

Leaving jewelry tangled or balled up
This can also happen while sleeping, being improperly stored or if wearing it during vigorous movement. Store laying flat with no knots in a linear manner to avoid kinks and breaks.


Hanging heavy or moderately weighted necklaces or bracelets
I can’t stress this enough. Hanging jewelry puts stress on the links, wires, fabric and closures. In cases where the piece is lightweight, it’s ok, but overall, don’t risk the longevity of your piece. Store it lying down & untangled.

Storing in direct sunlight
If your piece has fabric, this is key. Direct sunlight can cause discoloration and/or fading.  Not to mention that some sealants/glues may loosen with intense heat (like that through the window of a hot sunny day).

Wearing while jogging, doing dishes, using chemicals or operating machinery with moving parts
Sweat is acidic & dirt can cause wear on the finish of fashion jewelry. The buildup of dead skin & our body’s natural oils can also dull the shine on silver & gold. Avoid chemicals, creams & lotions as well. Some have found that not cleaning their 14K gold rings caused an allergic reaction because of the lotion, dirt and sweat that collected under them. EEEEW! Once cleaned, the allergic reaction stopped. Be careful not to wear loose jewelry (or to be safe, any jewelry) when operating machinery that could pull it off or get caught.

Wearing while gardening, washing dishes, washing your hair, washing your car, playing sports or doing manual labor
Again, dirt, oil, creams, soap with stripping properties, etc. can damage your fashion jewelry or cause buildup on your fine jewelry and require an increase of the number of necessary cleanings. Remove these items while completing these tasks to elongate their life.

aaaaaspray bottle gloves bucket sponge chores swimming

Here are some facts about sterling silver:

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925. (Hence the 925 stamp found on sterling silver jewelry)

Many precious metals are very soft, which is why they are often combined with something else to add hardness so they will last longer.

Sterling silver tarnishes in the presence of sulfides in the air, emitted by diesel engines. Often, because silver tarnishes, it is often mistaken for imitation or silver-plated material. A good cleaning using natural products or a good quality jewelry cleaner designed specifically for sterling silver will restore the sheen and shine almost immediately (there are cases where more than one cleaning may be necessary. Be sure to follow the instructions to avoid damage to your item-don’t dip stones!!

Here are some ways to organize your jewelry.  But notice the strands of pearls in the picture on the right?  They should be stored in a line, not rolled or wound.

clasp-bracelets-in-a-jewelry-box-drawer diy-jewelry-storage-ideas-drawer-sections

Silver Plate is a thin layer of Fine Silver placed over a base metal. Also known as Silver Tone, Silver Plate is often considered the most cost effective alternative to the more expensive forms of solid silver jewelry. That said, this form of silver is very thin, wears off easily and degrades in appearance quickly. (You won’t find these items in my selection for that very reason!)

Jewelry shouldn’t be worn in dirty or wet conditions or in situations where a lot of vigorous movement will occur. This is especially true for intricate or lighter weight pieces. Even sturdier pieces can take a beating if put in poor conditions. So love on your jewelry & it’ll be with you for years and years to come!

Questions? Ask away! Contact me.


Quick Fall Makeovers! A DIY Project You Won’t Believe!


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Hi guys!  Have you seen my latest treasure?  Well, it’s so awesome I just had to share!  It’s a jewelry organizer.  But not just any jewelry organizer, a CUSTOMIZED jewelry organizer!  The best thing?  I made it myself!  Check out the full details by clicking here.

IMG_20151103_123637 (1) IMG_20151103_123643 (1) IMG_20151103_125555 IMG_20151103_125608 v

Source: Quick Fall Makeovers! A DIY Project You Won’t Believe!

At Home With Nikki Christmas Brooch Bouquet Share


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Hi!  I have the best share today!  I came across this lovely lady on YouTube and just fell in love with her style.  She’s a lover of the sparkle life too!  The videos below show how you can add sparkle to your home using brooch bouquets.  This is also great for those brides looking for inspiration!  If you’re interested in creating your own bridal/brooch bouquet, just hop on over to my brooch section to take a look at all of the possibilities!

 472600 513476418553


Thanks for stopping by & be on the lookout for my posts on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ & Twitter.  Miss my last collection of videos?  Check them out!


s-l500 s-l500cs-l500e

Until next time, look like no one else!

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Welcome, New FB Followers!


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textgram_1445363579[1]Hey everyone!  I just want to say thank you to all of my new FB fans!  I appreciate you choosing to have me in your feed.  I know the value of prime Facebook real estate, so I will do all I can to give you some quality pics & updates from The Jewelry Lady!  If you are looking for other ways to keep up with me, you can find me (& shop with me) on Pinterest & Facebook.  You can also follow me on:  Twitter & Instagram!

I hope you enjoy all of the tips & styles I have to offer.  Feel free to browse each section of my site & blog & let me know what you think.  Got questions?  Have a special request?  Need advice?  Contact me any time!  I’m here to help & give you the best, most unique fashion & fine jewelry around.

So again, welcome!

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100 Followers!! Thanks, You Guys!


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Wow, who would’ve thought I would have reached a milestone today!  Thanks so much to all of my followers.  I really appreciate the love you show on my blog.100 followers!Haven’t subscribed to my site yet?  Well jump on over to & enjoy 20% off your next purchase!  Just my way of saying thank you for following.  So be sure to subscribe today!

I’ll be back soon with more new styles, how-to’s and shares of other great bloggers.  Have a great day & thanks again for following!

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A Recap of Fall 2015 Debuting Styles!


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Hi ladies!  I wanted to do a quick recap of new styles that have come in within the last month or so.  All of these are now available (while supplies last) on my site,  Click any picture to go straight to the site.  Shipping is free on all items, so enjoy yourself without the guilt of added shipping.

Cord necklaces debuted this week & were all the rage.

49960125 49960025 499603 499602 49960049960425 168988

New necklaces, earrings & watches debuted last week.  Perfect for fall!

510381 510380 510152 486902

spclothing-501124e11191  492513 492514 spclothing-83  spclothing-81   spclothing-37 spclothing-4      gold tone double strand cream pearl necklace  E001598 double pearl earrings 3 colors20150903_175858_1_large

Looking for something special?  Need to match a missing earring or find a replacement for a beloved broken piece?  Contact me & I’ll help you find it!  Just shoot me a picture or detailed description & I’ll jump right on it.  Until next time, shimmer, sparkle & shine!



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Congratulations to our winners! New Styles, Too!


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Hi everyone!

I want to extend a special congratulations to the winners of our ONE YEAR 20% OFF DISCOUNT CODE GIVEAWAY!!! Six ladies saw our poll on Facebook to select my newest release and won 20% off any purchase for an ENTIRE YEAR! All entrants won 20% off their next purchase. So enjoy, ladies!

Here were the contestants…

499600   49960125 49960425

Here was the winner!!!


And it’s a winner if I do say so myself!  If you’ve fallen in love with this piece, hop on over to my store and get yours today!  And don’t forget to click the little blue gift box to get an additional 20% off.

Now onto the new releases this week…To keep with the cord necklace theme, I also added these great everyday wears!



Did you miss this contest? Don’t fret! Just follow my page, so you won’t miss the next one. Also, you can find me on Instagram at

Until next time my little gems, don’t forget to look like no one else!

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What’s New? Fall 2015 Fashion Jewelry Styles!


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Check ’em out, ladies!  The newest styles are out!  They’re bold, full of color & personality, just like you!

First up is this adjustable gold tone mesh bracelet.  Talk about stylish!  It’s classy and chic enough for work, but daring and dressy enough for night.  Find it and more goodies by clicking the pic.


Next up is my day to night piece.  It’s a waxed multistrand cord necklace with coordinating fish hook earrings.  Pair it with a blouse and jeans, a suit or with anything in between!  This new kid on the block can’t be beat when it comes to versatility!


For all the lovers of glam, there are 4 styles you’ll just swoon for.  First is the crystal necklace grey, clear & gold.  Second is the edgy hematite bib necklace set.  Aren’t they fabulous?  And don’t forget about the edgy link necklaces.  Any of these would be a definite winner.

486902 510152 510380 510381

Lastly, I’m wigging out on new watches!  They come in lovely, lively colors and some muted, sophisticated tones as well.  They’re priced from $28-$38 and are a steal!


Thanks for stopping by to se what’s new this week.  Let me know what you think!  As always, you can find me on my blog, online store, FB, IG, Twitter, Google+ and email.  If you have items you’ve been looking for, give me a shout and I can help you out!  Until next time…

Happy shopping!

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My Brief Hiatus & New Sterling Silver & Fashion Jewelry Styles


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Hi guys,

I must apologize for my absence.  I promise it was for a good reason!  My website was all kinds of crazy looking & I had to fix it.  As much as I wanted to post on FB, IG, Twitter & Google+, everything linked back to my site.  It would have been like yelling, “Hey, come look at my own personal train wreck!  Over here!!”  So, I took a brief moment to get it all fixed.

So onto why you’re really here:  the jewelry!  I have tons of new styles that have arrived, but as usual I’m only going to feature a few.  There are so many great looks for Fall 2015 that trimming it down to a few is SO HARD!  So here are a few goodies to wear to compliment the cool weather, fall leaves & gorgeous views.


This incredible necklace has a fabulous interlocking link that perfectly compliments the smooth, black crystals that will take any LBD (or any little dress for that matter) to the next level!  Only $28spclothing-4

These little antique gold post earrings are perfect for fall!  Gold, taupe, clear & black express so many colors of the turning leaves & crisp nights.  A great pair for only $18.spclothing-37

I’m in love with these earrings!  Ok, it’s because I’m a NC A&T SU AGGIE!!  #blueandgold #aggies #ghoe #aggiepride Sorry, unless you’re an Aggie, you can’t understand!  But these are great for your Homecoming outfit!  Whether you’re going to a concert, the step show or out to dinner, these are a great staple!  Only $22.spclothing-50

Looking for a classic?  This filigree puff heart pendant is just the thing.  It’s sterling silver with a link chain included.  A timeless piece for an awesome price of $25.spclothing-83

Shine, shine & more shine!  This gorgeous Geneva silicone wristwatch is a perfect timepiece for women, but also for men!  A great gift for yourself or a loved one at $38.  Available in black or white!

So, until next time, enjoy all the vibrance of fall & happy shopping!

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