Fall Features from The Jewelry Lady


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Hi all! Here’s a fashion update from The Jewelry Lady!  I have hunted far and wide for new & unique selections just for you!  Here are some of my most recent favorites.

Orchid is still a hot color for fall.  Pair these Chanel inspired double pearl post earrings with a cute top, floral pants or hot pair of heels for a color pop!$_12Ready to party?  This pair of earrings are ready too!  Whether going to a costume party or black tie affair, these will bring the glitz and glam.,ukmyjtn 3_1681539326 6_570676842 9_190

One of my new favorites are featured here.  The strands are woven fabric so there’s no friction on your neck.  The colors are phenomenal and the style is so versatile!

47505340 47505440 47505540

Fall just keeps on coming!  These charm style bib necklaces make a big statement!

47524330 47524430 47524530 So what do you think?  Is that enough Fall fabulousness for ya?  lol

Until next time…



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Newest Styles & A Fashion Trend Update!


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I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Fall!  There’s the usual-the beauty of the season, cooler temps, gorgeous colors, sights, smells & food, but my main reason is a bit unusual.  For some reason, my Fall wardrobe is so lush with color, texture and life!  It’s great to have a ton of choices and know that each one showcases my personality and unique style.  So what could be better?  Jewelry to go with it, of course!  So here are a mini selection of my latest additions to my online store.  You can also find some of these styles in my Greensboro location, too.  If not, they can be ordered for you to pick up there.  On with the show!

Some of you have been waiting for these to come back into stock.  Well, they’re baaack!  Be sure to grab one before it’s gone (again)!

35247040345770403458034034576940465239294652422946489429 465240294652412946489329

Black Beauty



To get you through the day or inspire someone to get through theirs

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New debuts!

This set is stunning!  With the jewel tones and bright gold, it encompasses all the delight of fall, while being versatile enough for year round wear.

NE28734250These earrings are the lighter approach to the statement necklace.  Wear them to almost any occasion and bring the bling!  These gems come in 6 different colors:  Ruby (shown), amethyst, emerald, midnight, royal and clear.  A perfect little treat for the ears!


If you still haven’t caught onto this fashion trend for 2014, you’re not too late!  Many are just discovering the versatility of these little double pearl stud post earrings.  Mix and match them to coordinate to any wardrobe.  And even though the small pearl is intended to be worn in the front, you can wear it in the back!

ddffyj eath45esedfhb fhghkj hhbufyi 46476920

Now in stock at The Jewelry Lady store in Greensboro, NC!

46652328 46652528

392195371785 15309554458216154289311438574116 4652422946585830955441480515hhbufyi

And so much more!  Visit The Jewelry Lady for fine, fashion & costume jewelry in Greensboro, NC.

Order here or on my site, www.thejewelryladystore.com.

2307 W Cone Blvd Suite 112

(near the intersection of Battleground Ave & Cone Blvd

across from Honey Baked Hams)

Greensboro, NC 27408

(click here for directions)

TJL map

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The Jewelry Lady


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“Fall”-ing in love with color & style!


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 Fall is in the air!  I can smell it!  Bring on the pumpkin pie spice, red & gold leaves, crisp air & baskets of apples!!  Who’s with me?  In celebration of the changing season, here are some gorgeous new pieces worthy of a wardrobe makeover.  468862604688616046886360

To order & see more, click each image or visit http://www.thejewelryladystore.com!

If you’d like help on transforming your wardrobe for Fall, visit the Tips & How-To section or the Recommendations section.


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The Silver Edition (The Jewelry Lady Fall 2014 Lineup-Part 1)


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Celebrate the sleek smoothness of silver

Shiny stretch rings, luscious pearls, radiant rhinestones…


Abalone in it’s wonderful wide range of color & message bracelets to inspire…

27435540 31685718

Classic, casual or contemporary.  Huggie style earrings in various styles…31094525

Order here or on my site, www.thejewelryladystore.com.

Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood! (click here for directions)

2307 W Cone Blvd Suite 112, Greensboro, NC 27408

TJL map

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New Trending Styles in Fashion Jewelry from The Jewelry Lady!


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Have you been visiting my store lately?  Well, there are a few new big hits!  Check out these styles available in multiple colors.  Click to be taken directly to each style.

46370670 46370770


  46426180  46426480  46426280



  46489329 46489429

46523929 46524029 46524129 46524229

46557970 46558070 46558170 46558270 46558370

45518935 4551903545717930

 4622904046229145 45478635  46307535 46307635  46652328 46652528

46652628These styles are great for special occasions, date night, church, work or even everyday wear, depending on your lifestyle.

Are you looking for a specific style?  Contact me!  I’ll help you find a replacement for that lost necklace, earring, watch or bracelet.  Need to update your wardrobe?  A few new accessories can make your wardrobe go a long way!  Just remember to have fun with it.  Jewelry is not a burden, but a delight!


Gorgeous Jewelry Displays!


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Ladies, here is a beautiful new way to display your goodies!  Ok, maybe that didn’t sound right!  lol  I meant your jewelry!  These unique stands allow you to hang your fish hook, studs, lever back, pin catch & all other types of earrings in style.  They come in 3 styles in 3 colors each.  Ballerina, tri-fold & peacock.  The colors are black, hot pink & white.  Visit www.thejewelryladystore.com to see full information…

457427 461014 461015

461035 461036 461037461017 461018 461016 Aren’t these great?  Ok, I’m biased, but these beautiful displays will hold a ton of earrings.  You can even put bracelets & rings on them.  So order yours today & get your jewelry organized.

Until next time,


DIY Jewelry Organizer-For the TRUE Jewelry Junkies!


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Hi my gems,

I decided I would finally reveal “My Baby” to the world!  No, not my child (I have 3 of those & they’re already taking the world by force!)  I’m talking about my jewelry baby.  This is a DIY creation I made a year or two ago and I would honestly cry if something happened to it.  Yes, it’s that serious.  When you see it, you’ll see what I mean.

I was doing a post about jewelry organizers & thought I’d research on how to do one.  I saw a lot of great ideas, some more involved & creative than others, and finally decided on one that worked perfectly for me.  I ended up making about 5 of them.  Two are now in the store & the other 3 in my closet on my dresser.  Here’s the kicker, the most it cost was $10!!  Yes, TEN BUCKS! And they can hold 100+ pieces of jewelry each (depending on how you place each piece).  So, on to the great reveal…

This is my baby…100_4143100_4140100_4139  100_4147  100_4149She has 3 layers of crystal platters & 2 candlesticks.  After I’d researched how to do this DIY creation, I went on the hunt.  That’s when I found the materials at our local thrift store.  I paid about $10 for the 3 platters & got the candlesticks from Dollar Tree.  I used E-6000 glue to bond it together.  The trickiest part is the assembly. It’s not hard, but it’s hard to put into words.  Long story short, you just later them & you can either measure (HIGHLY, HIGHLY SUGGESTED!) or eyeball there the center of each level is.  If you want it to look great, measure.  Ask me how I know (LOL)

1. Find the midpoint of each platter from end to end & put a dot there. (do this for all platters)

2. Then find the midpoint from side to side. Be sure the 2 dots intersect.  (do this for all platters)

3. Read the glue instructions thoroughly!

4. Find the midpoint of the bottom of each candlestick & mark with a dot.

5. Turn the candlestick upside down onto your bottom platter & visually align both dots. (this is your dry fit)

6. Apply glue & affix the candlestick to the bottom platter.  Allow to dry overnight for the best results.

7. Align the dot from the bottom of the candlestick & the second platter. (this is your dry fit)

8. Apply glue & affix the candlestick & second platter.  Allow to dry overnight for the best results.

9. Put a dot in the middle of the inside of the candlestick (where you’d put a candle).

10. Align the second candlestick dot & the dot on the 3rd platter. (this is your dry fit)

11. Apply glue & affix the candlestick & third platter.  Allow to dry overnight for the best results.

You’ll get one of these!  Then you can put your lovely jewelries onto it & never again be stressed when trying to find a bracelet, earrings or rings!!

100_4130 100_4133 100_4135 100_4136  As shown it’s holding only about 31 pieces.  However, I’m not using the sides or back too much (where you see earrings and bracelets hanging on the outside) on each of the 3 levels.  I tried it out and it can fit about 100+ pieces.  I have bracelets, earrings & even toe rings in my organizer.  You can also add a lazy susan bearing to enable it to spin!

Here’s another I did

2014-01-30_11-45-51_244100_4145100_4148and a mini one I made for the bathroom 2013-08-22_12-46-48_599

I’m thinking about having a session at my store where I go through the process step by step & at the end, you’d leave with a creation of your own.  What do you think?

Until next time my jewelry giants!  Visit http://www.thejewelryladystore.com to see the latest styles…

44893730 45332229 45702125 46190735 46271835 46399225 46442245 46442640 45821615 46159920 46179516 46215718 46393915 44562016 44670222 44851020 45248145 46221716 4478161646200948



Dior Inspired Double Pearl Necklaces, Earrings & Bracelets from The Jewelry Lady!


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This new Dior inspired collection was just released on my site.  The double pearl look is so in right now!!  Get all the glam at jaw dropping prices by shopping from The Jewelry Lady…


46357318 46357218 46312616 46276415 46036720 46036620 46036520 45991124 45991024 45889618 45888718 45838740 45838640 45757922 45743535 45447440 46363318

Don’t you just adore these new additions?  To make them your own, click on the image & be taken to the store!  Happy Shopping!



Fab Photo Shoot & Secret Sale!


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Hey my little gems!  I am so excited to show you my latest fashion jewelry & best of all…dresses!  I have maxi dresses that are almost too hot for summer!

This red, full coverage, floor length maxi dress is available in red or hot pink and has been paired with an extra long necklace with silver beads, crystals or mesh chain.  Super hot!  The dress ($15, regularly $25) and necklace ($12, regularly $16) are on secret sale (just for my readers!) all through this weekend!

100_3789100_3810 100_3815100_3814

Love the necklace?  Well it also comes in pewter/navy silver/navy.


Next, a look perfect for the beach, cruise or everyday wear!  Throw on a shrug of jacket & you can even wear it to work or church!  This ruffled edge hi-lo dress comes to the base of your knee in front & lower calf in back (of course depending on your height).  It’s on sale for $15 & goes back to $25 midnight Sunday.  It’s been paired with a blue & turquoise waterfall box link & mesh chain necklace ($25) and a teardrop choker necklace with 3″ extension chain ($9, regularly $18).


Love the geometric look?  This fun piece comes in black or silver & makes any outfit unique!  Available for only $15 through this weekend, then back to $18 they go!

100_3830  100_3801

This set didn’t even get to the shelves & sold out!  Some ladies came in & cleaned house & this precious piece was swept away in the aftermath!  But no worries!  There are more back in stock.  It’ll be available for $18 until Sunday at midnight, then it’s back to $25


I’m loving this combo.  Perfect for work or play, the silver laser cut beads pair perfectly with the silver & clear crystals & beads to create this awesome look!  Regularly $25, it’ll be $20 until Sunday at midnight!


Are you into jewel tones?  These are perfect for you!  Passionate purple or terrific turquoise are unbelievable at $20.  Then back to $25 they go at the stroke of midnight on Sunday!

100_3827 100_3772

It can be hard to find appropriate work wear that’s also stylish.  This set has it all.  Bold beads, smooth links & sparkling shine!Only $20 until the clock strikes 12 midnight on Sunday!  Then back to $25 it goes!


  Last, but undeniably not least, is my favorite dress.  The Marilyn Monroe homage!!  Check out this outspoken outfit!  This Silk/poly blend dress has a deep plunging front, elastic waist, open back that ties at the nape of the neck.  If that wasn’t enough, the edge is an incredible handkerchief design!  Available in sizes S-XXL.  Order yours today for $15!!!  It’ll be back to regular price of $45 on Monday!



FB_IMG_14019855427745281  Pendant necklace with stud earrings, $25

FB_IMG_14019853733901676 Reversible shell pendant necklace, $25

FB_IMG_14019854334875316 Ultra glam chain necklace with metal ring & clear crystal heart pendant, $25

FB_IMG_14019850331759682 Coordinating acrylic necklace & earring set, $20

Thanks so much for checking out my photo shoot!  Want to order?  Comment below or use the contact tab above. Visit http://www.thejewelrylady store for even more! This sale is strictly to my blog, so comment or use the contact form to order.  Sale ends Sunday, June 22 at midnight.  Happy shopping!


The Jewelry Lady


Fashionista & Fashion Blogger Treats for Summer!


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Whether attending a wedding or photo shoot, these styles are a treat for the eyes & the wallet!  All styles are priced for $20 or less & are absolutely gorgeous.

Click the pic to be taken to the description page.  Enjoy!

4593141545975915 45976015   46159920 46160020 46160120 46160220 46179316 46179416 46179516 46179616 46241640

A sneak preview!!  My new High End line will debut next!  Mother of Pearl, real stone & more high fashion looks will take center stage…





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