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If your weather is anything like ours is here, you’re starting to question if its really spring or not!  But, it is indeed spring. So let the fashion parade begin!

Necklace sets range from $22-$30 & bracelets are $12-18.

Look for these new additions this week on my online store!










Pull out your maxi dresses, it’s statement necklace time!!


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Hi ladies!  I came across these new styles and am now featuring these and more in my online store,!
To see and shop, just use the link.

  453061-1 wpid-445693-1.jpg wpid-450205-1.jpg wpid-442219-1.jpg

And check out the new jewelry that’s on the way!







Would you like to pre-order?  Message me below or order from my website,!

Until next time, remember to look like no one else!


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New releases from The Jewelry Lady store!


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Happy Friday to you!

Here is a sneak peek of some of the exciting fashion jewelry that will be on my website in the next weekor so. If you would like to pre order, just let me know! Visit my site, to see these awesome styles!









If you are looking for you particular style, just let me know!
To order, comment below or email!





I’m not going to be able to hold this announcement for long, so here are the new styles that are debuting this week!

44701314 44640315 44558215 44479318 44434810 44434710 44426618444266-1 44426518 44300915 44300715 44300615 44282415 44282015 44278416 44270215 44254518 44001520 43780725 43617416 43433130 43274114 42095515 42095315 41885815 40891517 4088741740887717 40887617  40887117

Now, on to the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

My new online jewelry store is NOW OPEN!!!  Shop & pay for your favorite styles from The Jewelry Lady at!


And don’t worry, you can still see fabulous styles on my Facebook page, Pinterest boards, Instagram feeds & on this blog.  Not only that, I’m giving FREE SHIPPING  to the first 25 customers to place an order from!

Last Day of THE BIG SALE!

Hi everyone!  If you’ve followed me on IG, you’ve seen my HUGE Buy 2 Get 1 FREE sale that ends today!  If you didn’t see it, don’t lose heart.  You still have one more day!!

Here are more styles priced at $25 & below that’d be a great addition to your wardrobe!

42628525Turquoise & black statement necklace & earring set, $25

•   LENGTH : 17″ + EXT
•   EARRING : 1 1/8″ L
•   DROP : 2 1/2″ L

Silver metal dangle earrings, $16   (DROP LENGTH : 1 1/4″)

1000164Crystal post earring set in yellow, $18

DROP 1 3/4″

44010916Two tone link dangle earrings, $16



Star burst pendant necklace with post earrings, $18

•   LENGTH : 18″ + EXT
•   EARRING : 1″ L
•   POINT ACCESSORY : 2 1/4″ W X 2 1/8″ L

wpid-NE00006403-1.jpgPink rhinestone pendant necklace & earring set in silver tone, $22

Length 2″

Earrings 1 1/2″

wpid-43177925-1.jpg Deep teal charm necklace & earring set, $25.  *This is an extra large statement piece!

•   LENGTH : 17″ + EXT
•   EARRING : 2 3/4″ L
•   DROP : 3″ L

wpid-NE257355.jpgTiger eye pendant necklace & earring set in black, grey & brown, $25


Square geometric design post earrings, $12 Width 1/2″

44156616 44156416

Silver tone multi faceted crystals in bubble or swirl design, $1644156516 44156316

Gold tone multi faceted crystals in bubble or swirl design, $16

43735916 42933016

Leopard hinge bracelets in gold tone, $16

•   DIAMETER : 2 1/2″
•   WIDTH : 1/2″

42807916Faux fur & rhinestone bracelet in gold tone, $16


Blue crystal dangle post earrings, $16 (also available in cream, lavender, mint, navy/green & coral)

•   WIDTH X LENGTH : 1 1/4″ X 2 1/2″

43779116Silver tone rhinestone ear cuff,  $16 Also available in gold/clear!

•   WIDTH X LENGTH : 1 5/8″ X 2 1/8″

           To order these or any other items (check out my gallery, FB page, IG feed & former posts) comment, message me or email me at



DIY Jewelry Organizers


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Hi everyone!  Today I’m gonna release some trade secrets for my DIY

jewelry organizers.  I found most of my parts from Dollar Tree, yard sales, estate sales or Goodwill.  If you’ve scoffed already, this post is not for you!  lol  This is for people who love to craft, create & DIY.

If you are a long time reader, you’ll remember I did a few posts on how to create your own lovely jewelry organizer for around $5.  Yes!  $5!!  Can’t beat it, right?  So today, I’ll show you a few more ideas I’ve come up with & how you can use them…

First, let’s talk about what & where.  To start, you’ll need trays, plates, bowls, candlesticks or stands.  Use a color & material you love.  You’ll be seeing it every day, so make sure it’s something you want to commit to!  I went out to Goodwill & found this beauty for around 2 or 3 bucks.  This seashell tray was originally silver, but I boiled it (thinking I was cleaning it) & it turned this lovely brassy color!  So it worked out great, because the materials in my showroom are gold or glass.


On another Goodwill trip I found this plate.  OMG, talk about a major SWOON!


It’s kinda hard to tell from this picture, but it’s iridescent & absolutely gorgeous!  At first, I thought I’d use it to hold bracelets & earrings, but it just didn’t work for me.  So I tried this…


I thought this was a much better way to showcase this beautiful necklace & pashmina.  What do you think?

Ok, on to the “how”.  You’ll basically need 3 things:

Plates (various sizes depending on your preference)

Candlesticks or slim vases

Glue (E-600 or even the Fix-All Adhesive from Dollar Tree)

Now, time to get creative!!  Grab 2 or 3 or these

   18232 2102518029182888182891165442

& perch it on top of one of these…


& top it with something like this.

148373  162354  846236

You could get something as cool as one of these!


I hope you enjoyed this DIY moment with The Jewelry Lady!  I sure enjoyed sharing these ideas with you!!  Hey, here’s a teaser:  how many ways can you think of to use this to organize your jewelry?


Post your ideas below!



Valentine’s is Drawing Near! Are You Ready??


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I know, it’s over 2 weeks away, but you know what’s gonna happen!  The RUSH.  The hustle & bustle of trying to get the perfect things in a span of 3 days & trying to look like you’ve planned for months.  lol  Well, husbands, boyfriends & dads, here’s your helpful hints from The Jewelry Lady!

Think of these things when deciding on the perfect Valentine’s Day gift:

What’s her favorite thing?

34157916 34144610 28602216 16078319

Is she more traditional?


What’s her favorite color?

444966281542023043589535 44469630  416719 254371563543781832 42714039

What’s her favorite animal?


Does she like the bold?


The fabulous?


The funky?


The classic?

44452629412892 304404311828597416

What’s she been asking for, hinting at, pining over, whining about?  Then there’s your answer!

If you still need help, I’d be glad to assist you.  Just send me an email or comment below with her likes/dislikes.  If you’re not sure, I can give you ways to find out!  Until next time,



Baby It’s COLD Outside…New Fashion Jewelry, Fur & Ice Edition!


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We just got the news…1-3 inches of SNOW this afternoon!!  So, it’s time to break out the fur!  lol  Here are my latest releases.  They’re hot enough to keep you toasty on this fine frosty day.

Fabulously frosty…rhinestone bracelets, ear cuffs or earrings, just $16 each!


Fur or rhinestone bracelets, $16

4373571642933116  42920716 42933016 43735916 4373571642807916

Leopard print fur & metal link chain necklace, $28 each42201028 42201128

Incredible clear crystal silver tone link necklace & earring set, $3544321735

Silver tone rhinestone pendant necklace, $1844043118

My personal fave…tricolor icicle earrings!  Ok, they’re not icicles, but they look like them to me!  They’re a super cute addition to your wardrobe for only $12!!


For more info, to order or to request something special, comment below or use my contact page.  Stay warm!



Terrific Tuesday Selections!


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Hi ladies & gents,

I’ve got some great new styles that just came in.

These gorgeous beaten metal geometric pendant necklace & earring sets are magnificent!  They are available in tricolor (rose gold, silver & gold) or all silver.  There are 2 different styles, one square & one round.  They’re on debut for only $25 each.  They’re perfect for Valentine’s!  If you’d like to order or need help finding the perfect gift for , just comment or message me.  Thanks!!

44040425 43639425 44040325 43639325

Sorry, but today’s post is gonna be super short.  They’re calling for snow here in a couple of hours & in my neck of the woods, that means you gotta cook, do laundry & everything else just in case the snow & ice make the power go out!  lol  So I’m off to do all that (& grab some emergency candles).  Take care & happy shopping!


Dads, Don’t Forget Your Daughter on Valentine’s Day!


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What could be worse than forgetting your wife or girlfriend on Valentine’s?

Forgetting your daughter! 

So Dads, make every effort to let your princess know that you thought about her!

No matter her age, 5 to 105, The Jewelry Lady has a style to suit her style!

The pieces below are $16 each

28602012155847-1 12 

These charm bracelets are $18 each

157327 18157330 15

These gorgeous necklace & earring sets are only $25 each

NE253729 40  380142 22  1794462543114325

These necklace & earring sets are $25 each.  The matching bracelet is $16.  Get the complete set for $36.  That’s a savings of $5!

426195 2044156316 426196 20441564164415661644156516 

These sets below are $18 each

107186201607831943201915432021515  43202215

These sets below are only $25 each

  42713739 42713839 42713939 42714039   

These sets are only $16!  Simply adorable & available in several styles…

2860221624529916 24530220 24530415 24530516 28595316 28597416 28601116 28601216 29155716  34157916

Lovely bracelets for little girls are only $10


To place your order, request a selection according to your loved one’s taste or ask a question, comment below, use the comment tab or email me!

Did you know…

Apart from lovers, spouses, and sweethearts, the other people who receive maximum number of flowers, cards and gifts on the day are, mothers and teachers.

Happy Thursday to you!


Beautiful Gift Ideas & More Fun Facts on Valentine’s Day!


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Valentine’s Day is less than a month away!  This year, Valentine’s Day is on a Friday, so be sure to make reservations now to your favorite restaurant, get tickets to that show you plan to see or getting that special one of a kind gift!

Did you know…there was a belief in the Middle Ages that the first unmarried person (of the opposite sex) you met on the morning of St. Valentine’s Day would become your spouse?  Wow!

I found these FABULOUS bracelets this morning & knew you’d love them, too!  There are 2 different styles that are similar, but still unique.  They’re an incredible steal at only $16 each!  They’re on special until Valentine’s Day, then they’ll go back to regular price.

This first one is a bubble design and has navy & clear crystals embedded in matte gold links.  Isn’t is just divine?  Here are the specs:

•   LENGTH : 7″ – 7 3/4″
•   WIDTH : 1 1/2″

44156316 441563-116

It’s also available in silver.44156416441564-1

The second is a swirl design with navy, clear & smoky crystals & clear rhinestones.  It’s just as gorgeous, but slightly different because of the swirls.  Either way, you can’t go wrong with these gorgeous pieces!44156516 441565-1

Here’s its silver counterpart:44156616 441566-1

Love what you see?  Order yours today!  They’re a super hot item & would look perfect on you!!  Comment below, use my contact tab or email me at to order yours today.


Valentine’s Day Fun Facts & a Valentine’s Gift you Have to See to Believe!


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Did You Know?

Roses-Love-Letter-1According to the Greeting Card Association, an estimated 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year, making Valentine’s Day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year. (An estimated 2.6 billion cards are sent for Christmas.) Women purchase approximately 85 percent of all valentines.

Well you know what goes great with a card & flowers?  JEWELRY!  Yessir!!!

So here’s an elegant beauty sure to make her go wild…

412892 30

Cream synthetic graduating pearl necklace with clear rhinestones & crystals.  Cream synthetic pearl fish hook earrings included.

Only $29 now through Valentine’s Day!

*Regular price, $39

•   LENGTH : 19″ +EXT
•   EARRING : 1″ L
•   DROP : 1 1/4″ L

Order yours today!

Need fashion inspiration?  Get a ton by visiting some of my favorite blogs!


Simply Just Lovely                   FleurAni

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I Say a Little Prayer for you…


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I love my friends!  They always have an encouraging word, a funny story or tell me a story worse than mine to lift my spirits up.  The best thing is, they PRAY for me!  Not that “Girl, I’ll pray for you” where you know they will be off to their next thing and forget you and your situation, but real prayer!  So this is to all the good friends who pray for their girls.

155847-1 12 155847 12

It’s $16 now until Valentine’s Day!

Grab one for you and your girls while they’re available!

If you’d like to order, comment below or use my contact tab.  You can also email me at  Happy Shopping!


Is Your “Best Sister-Friend” your Valentine?


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Valentine’s is for lovers, but who said it had to be a guy?  Friends show each other love & support all year long.  Time to celebrate it!  This non-stretch bangle bracelet is great because it’s engraved with a beautiful poem about sisterhood.  It’ll pair well with any outfit with its black & silver tone & is a great size with at 2 1/2″ diameter It’s only $16.


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, so be thinking about what would make a great gift for your Mom, sister, cousin, best friend, spouse, significant other, girlfriends, bridesmaids to be, aunt & so on.  Consider these questions when giving a gift:

What’s her favorite color?

What’s her personal theme or belief? (live laugh love, faith, etc.)

What’s her personal “mascot”? (pandas, butterflies, crosses, cowboy boots…)

What’s she always eying, but always denying herself? (necklace, bracelet, earrings)

What’s she complain about never having but always needing?

These questions should get you off to a great start.  You can also do some minor stalking on her Facebook, Instagram or other social media page with pictures of her.  See what she wears & what she doesn’t wear.  If all else fails, ask her,

What would you like for Valentine’s Day?  Lol

If you need help, I’m always here.  I’ll get you a selection of options to your specifications in 24 hours or less.

Have a great day, everybody!




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